Dryer machine

Dryer machine
Dryer machine used in drying food and animal feed pellet ,the high temperature make raw material on stainless steel belt recycling drying.

Features of Dryer machine
1. Small investment, fast drying speed and high evaporation intensity.
2. High efficiency, high output and good product quality.
3. Standardized production can increase the number of stages according to the output.
4. It can adjust the air volume, heating temperature, material residence time and feeding speed to achieve the best
drying effect.
5. The equipment configuration is flexible. The belt washing system and material cooling system can be used.
6. Most of the air is recycled to save energy.
7. Unique air distributor makes the hot air distribution more uniform and ensures the consistency of product quality.
8. Heat source can be matched by steam, heat conducting oil, point or gas hot blast stove.

Dryer machine main technical parameters
Model LM-1 LM-3 LM-7Ⅰ LM-7Ⅱ LM-9
Power (kw) 15-18 24 27 36 45
Capacity (kg/h) 150-200 300-400 500-600 1-1.5T 2-2.5T
Size (cm) 320*110*155 400*135*215 450*150*240 580*150*240 650*210*240

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