Feed equipment installation, maintenance, maintenance and troubleshooting method

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In order to ensure the normal operation of the particle feed production line, extend its service life and reduce the fault, improve economic benefits, and Shuanghe machinery will give the following opinions here to give users a reference. Juy , Equipment Installation and Debugging Juy Service Animal Husband 1. Before installing, according to equipment plan and ground map, check whether each installation basis is compliant Drawing requireme, if there is anything, it should be repaired until the dimensions are correct, and they are installed. Juy 2. The installation personnel should first familiarize with the installation requireme of each device, and strictly constructed construction in accordance with technical requireme. Juy Service Livestock 3. The equipment may cause deformation, damage or loss during transport, so before installation, check and acceptance of equipment, check and acceptance, and take appropriate measures to make each measure The device reaches a good condition and is installed. Juy 4. Each device enters the installation site should be numbered, formulate the installation process card and schedule, press the installation process order requirement, and install the device blockbilt into the site. Juy Service Livestock 5. Installation Order: From the top, first, after positioning the host equipment and the rack, then install each connecting pipe and electrical equipment. Juy 6. Installation Tools: Equipment and Village Materials must be ready. Juy 7. After installation, the equipment must be rotated, no card, touch and hit the sound, each connecting portion must be firm, sealed, no leakage, leakage, leakage Oil and other phenomena. Juy 8. Installation of Electrical Equipment, should comply with relevant national regulations, should be clear, no running electricity, leakage phenomenon, wire, cable should protect the shell, prevent the mouse biting Bad. Juy 9. After all equipment is installed, each single machine should conduct empty trial operation, and the normal side can be put into load test. Juy 10. Before the load test, the electronic batch scales and the package scales are calibrated, requiring the predetermined accuracy. Juy 11. The load is running 8h, and there is no fault to hand over the manufacturer production. Juy Service Animal Husband, Operation and Using Juy 1. Check the equipment before driving. Juy (1) There is no foreign body to fall into the equipment; whether the rotation part is flexible, there is no card, touch phenomenon;Solid; there is no phenomenon such as flunter, leakage, oil leakage. If there is a fault, it should be excluded in time. Juy (2) There is no lubricant in each gear; whether the transmission belt tension is suitable; if the pulverizer hammer, granulator compression and pressure roller need to be replaced; Whether the specifications meet the requireme. Juy 2. Control Room Corporation should master a daily production arrangement and the storage amount of the main submersible in order to schedule production. Juy Service Animal Husband 3 Operation Sequence Juy (1) First Conclusion Power Switch, and then place the system switches to the working position. Juy (2) Turn on the audio signal switch, notify all staff to enter job. Juy (3) After completing all preparations, the control room value staff determines the entry number of each material, divides each three-way valve to each corresponding position, first open the dust fan first. Then turn on each switch in sequence according to the machining process. Juy (4) Control Value Clear Work Office should always observe various signal lights on the simulation screen, if the distribution bullion is sent out of the air! Gate. Juy (5) The staff should call the material formulation shall be transferred according to the production arrangement, and the computer and their auxiliary devices should be used correctly. Juy (6) When operating the pulverizer and granulator, the main motor should be ensured that the main motor works under the rated current and does not generate clogging. Juy (7) Various trace eleme, vitamins, etc., from the mixer additives, proportionally investment, mixer, each mixing a batch, put it, put into time, input time When each batch is mixed, the input signal is given by the control room, and in time is put into time. Juy Service Animal Husbandan, Maintenance and Maintenance Juy Service Animal Husband 1. Maintenance and Maintenance according to the requireme of each equipment instructions. If there is no special requireme, the bearing injection oil uses ZG-3 calcium based lubrica, and the reducer lubricating oil uses HJ-60 mechanical oil. If the room temperature is lower than -10 ¡ã C in the winter, HJ-20 is used. Juy 2. The equipment should be repaired once in half a year, and it is repaired once within one year. Delivery to replace the lubricant, clean the bearing, replace damaged parts. Juy 3. Timely adjustment of the tightness of the belt. When the machine is running, the belt must not have a serious slip. Juy China FeedIndustry information network serving livestock 4. For the hammer and sieve of the pulverizer, the compression mold and pressure rolls of the compression system should be repaired, adjusted and replaced in time. Replacement, maintenance, adjustment time, productivity or product quality of feed processing products, generally productivity, significant decrease in productivity, particle molding rate and surface quality failure, should be adjusted or replaced in time. Juy Service Livestock 5. After the pulverizer is worn, it is necessary to reverse or head to use, and the original hammer is maintained in the original hammer. When four corners are wear, when replacing new hammers, we must weigh the new hammers for each group. The weight difference of each set of hammers must exceed 5G. When installing, press the hammer to arrange the map assembly, so as to avoid the pulverizer shock. Juy 6. After using half a year using electronic scales, check, calibrate its accuracy. Juy 7. After each class work, the particulate cty should be used to roll out the residue in the mold hole. Juy Service Livestock 8. Microcomputer Control Room often keeps clean, quiet Juy four, general faults and exclusion methods JUY – Bit Feed , Serving livestock 1. The crusher is strongly vibrating, the noise is caused by: Juy the (1) hammer is arranged, and the hammer is arranged to reinstall the hammer; Juy (2) Individual hammer card does not open in the pin, should be handled in time; Juy (3) Crusher bearing housing fixing bolts Loosen or bearing damage to repair or replace it in time. Juy (4) Crusher Hammer or Self-Belt Fort Leaf Wear, destroyed the balance of the rotor, and should be replaced in time. Juy Service Livestock If the inspection is not the above reasons, it may be that the crusher rotor corresponds to the two sets of hammers on the pin. The weight is too large, and the corresponding two sets of hammers should be re-selected. The weight difference is not more than 5g. Juy 2. Crusher Feeding Tips Back to Frooking Juy Service Animal Husband is generally due to excessive feeding, causing crushed wind turbine capacity. Block the screen and the suction e. At this time, it should be downturn to remove the exclusive plaque on the undercuts of the pulverizer, and the suction e is re-adjusted. Juy 3. There is an abnormal sound in China’s feed industry information network service animal husband is generally caused by large blocks into the pulverizer, or Parts falling off flowers in powderInside the chamber. After this situation, it should be stopped immediately, check the pulling room and exclude foreign matter. Juy 4. Finished Products Granules After Coarse Juy Service Animal Human is generally because the sieve is worn or the foreign body hit, there is a hole in the hole or It is an improper screen installation, and it is not strict to screen halies between the screen. It should be processed accordingly. Juy Service Livestock 5. Mixer Liquidity Working and Mixed Uniform Notice Juy Service Animal Human may be due to the damage arched by the mixer or drive belt Transient. Check the tightness of the broken arch or the drive belt in time. Juy Service Livestock 6. Operational Area Dust Dust In Service Animal Husband is mainly removing the dust bag mouth, the interface and mixer The seal is not strictly caused by a leakage, and the fan shell, the feed e elbow, the suction e is used for a period of time, and it is possible to wear a hole in the hole. Therefore, it is found that the dust is too much, and the above part should be checked and treated. Juy 7. Electric Motor Union and Excessive Hot Juy Motivation Power may be due to a different circuit in motor three-phase circuits, motor overheating may be due to motor Internal line short or long-term overload operation. At this point, it should be downtime, and the electrical inspection of the electrical equipment or adjusts the workload. Juy Service Animal Husbandang 8. Pellet Machine does not discharge the reasons: juy (1) feed port and agitator blockage, should be removed in time Juy (2) Movies Clock Clocks; Juy (3) The water content is too high or too low, should Adjusting the amount of vapor; Juy (4) stamping and pressure roller gap are too large, adjust the gap to meet the requireme. Juy

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