Problems and resolution countermeasures in industrial palletizing robots

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Abstract This paper first introduces the applicable field of industrial palletizing robot applications, the meaning and characteristics of application, expounds the compone of the industrial palletizing robot system, and analyzes industrial robots in detail. Diversified product pallets, robots grab positioning, structural design, load capacity, and palletizing efficiency. A key solution is analyzed in detail, that is, the design, val detection of multi-function robots, the design and robot sports planning. Finally, the future development trend of cloud control and multi-sensor information fusion is proposed. 0 Overview Industrial Robots as a typical equipment for industrial automation, promoting economic activities. Industrial palletizing robots are taking low cost, efficient job advantage, liberating people from heavy, single stacking, increase production efficiency, reducing production costs, and shortens production cycle. The palletizing robot can replace the artificial cargo classification, handling, and loading, especially replacing human handling dangerous goods, like radiological materials, toxic substances, etc., reduce workers ‘labor intensity, and ensure workers’ personal safety. Realize automation, intelligence, unmanned. Industrial robot palletizing systems are suitable for chemical, building materials, feed, food, beverage, beer, automated logistics and other industries, mainly picking and sorting products on leaching lines during production and manufacturing. Especially in the warehousing logistics industry, the working efficiency of palletizing robots directly determines the throughput of the goods. Therefore, automation production in realization of robotic pallets is an effective means of promoting enterprise development. 1 Industrial Robot Palleti System Composition Industrial Robini ÄÁ is not working independently by robots, but Compatible with the automation device for system operation. Industrial robot palletizing systems are generally composed of four subsystems, and the electrical control subsystem controls the workflow and beat of the entire palletizing system. The material transfer subsystem transmits the material to the robot work area, placing the item pick code into the automatic tray system, and the automatic tray delivery system is automatically transferred to the designated position when the machine is complete, and the automatic tray delivery system is automatically transferred by the forklift or other transfer equipment. Each subsystem includes a module as shown in Figure 1. Serving Animalizing Robot System: Robot Ontology, Robot Controller, Robot Staff, Safety Guards and Base. Delivery System: Tray Board, Light / Heavy Duty Conveyor, Heavy Duty Roller Line, Limit / Reduction Machine. Material Conveying System: Belt Conveying Line, Pneumatic Push Device, Linear Slide, Spiral Slide, Turning Roller. Upper pressureFlat devices, lower vibration conveying lines, material shaping devices, turf offices, and the like. Electric and Electric System: PLC, Green Road Equipment, Transformer, Detection Sensor, Power Motor, etc. 2 Industrial Robot Chalet Application Features (1) High Accuracy Positioning, Fast Port Collapsion, Shorten Work Festival, Production Efficiency . (2) Robot Operation is stable and reliable, reducing work error, and improving product quality. (3) Non-fatigue Continuous Work, Work all day, expand factory capacity. (4) Simple structure, less compone. Therefore, the failure rate of compone is low, the performance is reliable, and the maintenance is simple. (5) Less area. It is conducive to the arrangement of the production line in the customer’s factory and can leave a large warehouse area. (6) Power consumption. Generally, the power of the mechanical palletizer is about 26 kW, while the power of the palletizing robot is about 5 kW, which greatly reduces the operating cost. 3 Industrial Robot Popping Application Existing Problems 3.1 Palleti Staff Problem – Service Animalum pallets can work in different job tasks, depending on the design of the robot flange. The quality and performance of robotic starters directly affect the work quality and efficiency of industrial handling robots. The traditional handling robot is composed of pure mechanical compone, the structure is complex, the overall cumbersome, the operating speed is slow, no automatic detection, the ability to control the position, the control accuracy is low, the workwise temperature and the weight of the workpiece will result in many problems It affects the normal working efficiency of the handling robot, there is a safety hazard in production, and the design of specific starting industrial machine tale for different items can work. However, in the face of industrial production, in the same station, more than one product specification may occur. In this case, the robot can only be grabbed, and it cannot meet the variety of diversification. From this point, the choice and design of robotic hand is particularly important. In response to this situation, it is urgent to design an adaptive, multi-function robot grip. 3.2 Automatic Identification of Crappiness Problem in Industrial Robot Outlooks and Sorting Work Process, Due to the variety of products, Classified according to the category of the item, pick up the pallet, will be on the same pipelineThe items are handed over to different trays. Second, the items to be grasped during the transmission process may not be fixed, which requires the robot to identify the position of the item grab point. Therefore, selective identification is very important to grab the application of palletizing robot. 3.3 Sports Path Planning Industrial Robot In palletizing application, the number of pallets in the unit is a measure of industrial robots. An important indicator, especially for the production line of the high voma, the rate of the industrial robot determines the capacity of the entire production line. There are many factors affecting robot palletizing efficiency, like servo motors, load strength, robotic structures, etc. factor. The optimization of the robot motion path is greatly helpful after the completion of the order, if it is handling to the same point, the robot path selection is different, the results of robot sports solutions are very different, and the final speed difference is also very big. Therefore, the design of robotic motion path and code stunning order plays a key role in the improvement of robot work efficiency. 4 Key Solution Technology Serving Livestock 4.1 Adaptive Staff This article is for actual work An industrial handling robot with automatic detection and controlling location is designed to solve problems such as low control accuracy, low work efficiency and safety hazards in prior art. The robot automatic controller is prt in the central processor, which can establish communication with the main controller of the industrial handling robot. When the handling robot reaches the position of the workpiece, it will be arrested according to the command of the handling robot main controller. The hand clamping process is affected by a negative feedback. When the start of the handlerest pressure changes, the automatic adjustment motor torque has reached the control of the cracking strength and the stroke. As a result, for different specifications, a can meet the grasp of the task, reducing the flow of frequent replacement f ures, and improves the efficiency of the palletty. 4.2 Machine Vision System Robot Vision System includes CCD digital cameras, lens, light source, robot body control system. CCD digital camera is connected to an industrial computer connection, an electrical control cabinet access switch, a camera unit to the image capture, data acquisition, and transferred to an industrial computer through a switch, and the industrial computer performs image processing of the collected backup items. After accurate positioning, the control signal is transmitted to the robot control system through the switch. This technique solves the problem of palletty in the case where the traditional palletty of the product is more and the position is more varied, and work efficiency is improved in the sorting palletizing operation.Let palletizing robots more intelligent, humanized. 4.3 Type Design and Sports Path Optimization To Improve the Work Efficiency of Robot, the Type Design and Motion Path Reasonable Design. In-depth rarch on exercise optimization, proposed a comprehensive optimization of path planning and trajectory planning to simultaneously optimize th two mutually coupled processes. After the path planning, the discrete path is fitted to the discrete path to obtain a smooth path. In order to obtain a quantified reprntation of the smoothness of the path, the fuzzy controller is used to control the correction amplitude of the path, and then obtain the robot The path runs the minimum time. The characteristics of time optimal trajectory planning are actually analyzed, and the method of reducing the dynamic model of the dynamics model and the dynamic planning method of the dynamic model will be used to control the robot palletizing movement. For the order of the robot pallet, according to the direction of the placement, the number of layers, each layer of the number of needs, the order in which the path can be shortened by far to near, adjacent placement, and has improved The purpose of code delivery efficiency. 5 Future Development Direction 5.1 Cloud Controlled Manufacturing May provide a path to the upgrade of the Chin manufacturing industry. At prnt, the applications of industrial robots are mostly in an independent workstation, each robot is independent. In the future, for more complex production processes, production information needs to be shared, requiring remote monitoring robots, so cloud control is an important development direction of robots. Cloud control needs to solve the key issue is to require different communication protocols for gateways. The remote server stores a large number of robot working cases. For the content of the current robot, match the work case from the cloud, remote control of the robot motion. Although many cases of remote control robots have occurred in recent years, it is necessary to control the robot to meet the complex environment and work content, and further rarch on the motor data and communication data. 5.2 Multi – Sensors Information Fusion Service Animal Husband At prnt, the application of industrial robots is mostly in the workstation or pipeline, no contact and cooperation with people. In the future, the cooperation of complicated production processes, people and robots will be a very important development direction. With the complexity of the work content of industrial robots, the robot needs to be more intelligent, to sense the surrounding environment information. Plan the next decision and behavior. This needs to be fused with multiple sensor information of the sensor system to detect a variety of external environme, making judgme and decisions, which are similar to the comprehensive sensory function of human facial features, including val, tactile, strength, slippery. I feel close, pressSensing, hearing, taste, smell, temperature, etc.Studies include the acquisition and fusion processing of various types of sensor information, sensor and driver integrated technology, sensory function inheritance module, etc.At prnt, many large factories have a large number of industrial robots, and they have the value of integrity, and have created countless value for social industrial production.The current industrial robot is still in a technical improvement, especially with the update and improvement of intelligent compone such as MEMS acceleration sensors, gyroscope, pressure sensors, and industrial robots will also make themMore intelligence, use safer, thus exciting to provide greater value and more potential.

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