Why choose extruder to produce fish feed?

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After the feed material is extruded, the aroma is increased, the palatability is improved, and the animal’s appetite can be stimulated. At the same time, the degree of changing the long-chain structure of organic substances such as proteins and fats into short-chain structures increases, so it becomes easier to digest.

extruder for fish feed

Since the protein is bound to the starch matrix, it is not easily lost during feeding. The protein is released only when the digestive enzymes in the animal break down the starch, which increases the titer of the protein. The puffing process also denatures the protein, blunts many anti-nutritional factors, changes the tertiary structure of the protein, and shortens the hydrolysis time of the protein in the intestine. For ruminants, puffing produces rumen non-degradable protein, that is, rumen-passing protein, which can avoid ammonia poisoning in animals and improve the utilization rate of protein. Secondly, the puffing treatment releases the encapsulated oil in the raw material molecules, which increases the heat energy value of the fat. Expansion can also combine fat with starch or protein to form complex products lipoprotein or lipopolysaccharide, reducing free fatty acid content. At the same time, it inactivates lipase, inhibits the degradation of oil, and reduces the rancidity of oil components during product storage and transportation.

The basic function of the fish feed extruder is to reduce the content of bacteria, molds and fungi in the raw materials, improve the hygienic quality of the feed, and provide aseptic and mature feed for the animal body. Thereby, the risk of disease in the animal body is reduced, and the addition amount of various pharmaceutical ingredients is reduced. The gelatinization degree of starch is also improved to generate modified starch, which has strong water absorption and bonding functions. Due to its high water absorption, more liquid ingredients (eg oils, molasses, etc.) can be added to the product. At the same time, because it has much stronger bonding function than ordinary starch, the amount of starch added during the puffing production process can be greatly reduced. This provides more choices for the selection of other raw materials. More cheap raw materials can be selected to replace those expensive raw materials in the formula, which can greatly improve the potency of low-quality raw materials and reduce costs without affecting product quality.

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