Dry Type Fish Feed Extruder Fish Feed Machine

Dry Type Fish Feed Extruder Fish Feed Machine

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The fish feed extruder is a feed processing machine that directly presses pellets from crushed materials such as corn, soybean meal, bone meal, fish meal etc. Fish feed extruder processes feed pellets with high hardness, smooth surface and internal ripening, which can improve the digestion and absorption of nutrients and the granule formation process can denature the pancreatic enzyme resistance factor in grains and beans, reduce the adverse effects on digestion, kill various parasite eggs and other pathogenic microorganisms, and reduce various worms and digestive system diseases.

Fish feed extruder is dived into dry type fish feed extruder, diesel engine fish feed machine and wet type fish feed extruder in accordance with manufactring process.

Dry type fish feed extruder – Features
①Stable operation, low failure rate, only one person can operate the whole process easily and quickly.
②The special structure generates heat from friction, eliminating the need for external heating.
③The automatic feeding system ensures uniform feeding and prevents the phenomenon of uneven particle size.
④Independent tool cutting system, the maintenance cost is extremely low, and it can be used for a long time only by replacing the blade.
⑤ The screw sleeve clearance is precisely adjusted to reduce the phenomenon of sticking the screw and the machine head.
⑥With self-cleaning function, it is convenient and time-saving to clean the machine head without frequent disassembly after production.
⑦ Any combination of supporting equipment for automated production, automated production is more convenient.
⑧It is possible to produce particles of various shapes just by replacing the head abrasives, and the customization is free.

Dry type fish feed extruder machine specifications

Model Capacity
Main Shaft
Feeding power
Screw diameter
Cutting power
LM-40 40-60 7.5KW 0.4 40 0.4 1500*1400*1250 350
LM-50 80-100 11 KW 0.4 50 0.4 1470*1100*1250 400
LM-60 120-150 15 KW 0.4 60 0.4 1470*1120*1250 450
LM-70 180-200 18.5 KW 0.4 70 0.75 1650*1400*1300 600
LM-80 260-300 22 KW 0.6 80 0.6 1800*1450*1300 690
LM-90 350-400 37 KW 0.6 90 0.8 2100*1450*1350 950

Dry type fish feed machine can produce the different shapes feed pellets and pet feed pellets, like dog, cat feed pellets.

extruder for feed pellets

Dry Type Fish Feed Extruder is LIMA Machinery hot product selling in the world, the fish feed machine is produced by LIMA Machinery  with factory price. And small fish feed prodcuction line, like LM-60 fish feed pellet line popularly sells in the Nigeria and Zambia.

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