2019 LIMA Machinery Participated in the Nigeria Agriculture Exhibition

LIMA Fish Feed Machine,Chicken Feed Machine

2019 Nigeria exhibition

Nigeria has a savannah climate, with high temperature and rain in general. The whole year is divided into dry season and rainy season. The annual average temperature is 26 to 27 °C. The annual average temperature in the coastal areas is 32.2 °C, and the northernmost can reach 40.6 °C.

There are many rivers in Nigeria. The Niger River and its tributary, the Benue River, are the main rivers. The Niger River is 1,400 kilometers long in the territory. Nigeria is the largest economy in Africa. The agricultural production mode is still dominated by the small-scale peasant economy, and the food cannot be self-sufficient, and a large amount of imports are still required every year. In order to develop domestic agriculture, the government has increased investment and provided preferential policies such as free loans to agriculture and subsidies for purchasing agricultural equipment.

Fishery and aquaculture are the main part of agricultural products, and fish feed machines and chicken feed machines have a large market.

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