Diesel Engine Animal Feed Machine

Diesel Engine Animal Feed Machine

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Diesel Engine Animal Feed Machine is normally designed in flat die mold to produce feed pellets, which is suitable for poultry farms, cattle farms and small scale feed pellet plant etc. This pellet mill can also be used as biomass pellet mill to process biomass materials (wood wastes like sawdust, wood chips and agricultural residues like rice husk, rice straw, etc.) into fuel pellets.

Diesel chicken feed pellet mill can be used to process grain materials into pelleted feed for feeding animals.
1.Since the feed pellet mill is driven by diesel engine, feed pellets production is possible in rural areas where electricity is not easily available.
2.The speed can be adjusted due to its clutch and accelerating-decelerating device.
3.Operator is able to have a view of the chamber, making it convenient to solve problems that caused during operation in time.
4.It is with simple structure, which can be easily operated and maintained.
5.There are dies of different sizes, so customers can make pellets of different specifications according to their demand.

Diesel Engine Animal Feed Machine specifications

Model Capacity Power Rotating speed Weight
LM-120H 60-100kg/h 8HP 2600r/m 132/157kg
LM-150H 90-120kg/h 10HP 2300r/m 76/90kg
LM-200H 60-100kg/h 15HP 2200r/m 320/360kg
LM-230H 150-200kg/h 22HP 2200r/m 385/420kg
LM-260H 200-300kg/h 33HP 2200r/m 490/530kg
LM-300H 300-400kg/h 41HP 1500r/m 840/890kg

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