LIMA Machinery Participated in the Pakistan Exhibition

LIMA Fish Feed Machine,Chicken Feed Machine

Pakistan exhibition

At present, the per capita animal protein requirement in Pakistan is 30 grams per day, while the available available is only 17 grams per day. With an increase of only 1.9%, the growth rate of fisheries has not kept pace with population growth.

Pakistan has few coastal industries, and the coastal tidal flats and shallow bays are unpolluted and suitable for marine aquaculture. In addition, the government of Pakistan is eager to increase the output of marine aquaculture to ensure the long-term and stable development of the fishery. At present, Pakistan has established shrimp and fish nursery farms and training centers, and carried out small-scale shrimp aquaculture along the coast, but its marine aquaculture technology is weak and the level of large-scale aquaculture still needs to be improved. my country can take advantage of its mature marine aquaculture technology to cooperate with Pakistan, and use its excellent coastal sea conditions to jointly promote the large-scale aquaculture of high-quality marine species.

Pakistan introduced China’s breeding system, most farmers need large-scale fish feed production lines, which is a big market demand


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