Auger screw elevator

Auger screw elevator

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The screw elevator consists of the running part (hopper and traction belt), the upper belt driving drum, the lower belt tensioning drum, the middle casing, the driving device, the backstop braking device, etc.

Screw elevators are mainly used to convey powdery, granular and small block materials, such as pesticides, veterinary drugs, condiments, additives, chemicals, etc. The screw elevator is not suitable for conveying perishable, viscous and caking materials. Especially LIMA produces feed production line.

Auger screw elevator – Features
1. It is easy to install, avoids the trouble of manual feeding, and saves time and effort for feeding.
2. It is easy to operate and maintain. Compared with the vacuum powder feeder, it can save the trouble of frequent cleaning.
3. Operation, large conveying capacity.
4. This machine can also be used for conveying and feeding powder and granules in the production process of medicine and chemical industry.
5. Low energy consumption, only about one-third of the power consumption compared with vacuum feeders and spring-type powder feeders.

Auger screw elevator – Working principle
The screw drive feeding machine adopts a screw rod to feed the material. As long as the switch is turned on, the screw rod rotates, and the material is continuously poured into the material box. Outlet.
The screw blade welded on the shaft of the screw conveyor can directly and automatically transport the powder or granular materials to the vibrating screen or high-speed mixer, mixer and other containers. All parts in contact with raw materials are made of stainless steel. The raw materials are completely pollution-free, no foreign matter is brought in, and the production process is fully enclosed and automated.

The mobile screw feeder is easy to install and can be moved. If multiple mixers use the same material, only one feeder can feed mixer and crusher at the same time, eliminating the trouble of manual feeding. Work becomes, saves time and effort

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