Nutritional value and processing technology of corn straw

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Corn is the food-owned grain, Economic, feeding, corn stalks are also important production resources for work and agricultural production. As a resource, corn stam contains rich nutrients and available chemical components, which can be used as raw materials for animal husbandry feeds. For a long time, corn stalks are one of the raw materials of the main crude feed of livestock.

The results of the test show that corn straw contains more than 30% carbohydrate, 2% ~ 4% protein and 0.5 % mdash; 1% fat, can be bilayed or fed directly. In terms of herbivore, 2 kg of corn stalk gain net energy is equivalent to 1 kg of corn grains, especially after treatment with green silage, yellow storage, ammonification and saccharification, and can improve utilization, and benefit will be more considerable. According to research, the digestion contained in corn straw is 2 235.8kJ / kg, and the nutrients are rich, total energy is comparable to pastures.

Put the green corn straw to 1CM ~ 2CM long The water containing 67% to 75% is stored in the cellar, cylinder, tower, and the pool and plastic bags.

Short the corn stalk, the length is preferably 5cm ~ 8cm, the sheep 3CM ~ 5CM should be suitable, pig pigs need to be smashed, the container can be used in cement or soil of silage or ammonia A plastic film is laid in the bottom and surroundings, small batch production cylinder or plastic bags, large tubs. The water content of straw is controlled at 60% to 70%, and the microbial active strain is added to straw.

Cross corn straw to 2CM ~ 4CM, put into the cylinder, add a suitable warm water for 2 days.

4, ammonia processing technology

First cut straw into 2cm ~ 3cm long The water content of straw is adjusted at around 30%, according to 100kg of straw with 5kg ~ 6kg urea or 10kg ~ 15kg of ammonium hydroxide, stirred with 25kg ~ 30kg water dissolve, formulated urea or ammonium carbonate solution, or press 100 kg of crude feed plus 15 % Of the ammonia water 12kg ~ 15kg. The layered compaction, spray the ammonia layer layer layer, and finally sealed, at 25 ℃ ~ 30 ℃, it can be opened, so that the ammonia gas is volatilized and feeding.

Alkalization treatment mainly includes sodium hydroxide treatment, liquid nitrogen treatment, urea treatment, and lime treatment. For example, there is a wide range of lime processing as an example, 100L water plus 1 kg of raw gray, and then stirring to be clarified, take the supernatant, stirring is mixed in the cylinder according to the ratio of the solution and the feed 1: 3. Summer temperature is high, usually only 30 hours can feed, winter usually take 80 hours.

6, Souring Processing Technology

Sprinkled a certain acidic substance on the storage, or with a proper amount of phosphoric acid into the green feed storage, supplementing less subunits,.

Using feed block machine Press the straw into a high-density cake block, compressed up to 1:15 ~ 1: 5, and the processed corn stalk has a cross section 30mm Times; 30mm, length 20mm to 100 mm, a bulk feed, density reaches each cubic ccC 0.6kg ~ 0.8kg

Corn stalks that are not moldy, no more than 15% of the stalk can be a crushing raw material. When making a hammer crusher, the straw is smashed, and the grass powder should not be too thin. 10mm ~ 20mm, 1 mm wide, 3 mm wide, too unused to row.

The mechanism is to fill the corn straw into the expansion machine using the screw extrusion mode, the screw spiral push material forms an axial flow while the spiral and material, the material and the barrel, and the inside of the material.The material is strongly squeezed, stirred, cut, so that the material is refined and homogenized.


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