11 issues that can cause feed granulator noise

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1. The granulator may take out the problem with a part axis, so that the machine is not working properly, and the working current will fluctuate. High working current (stop checking or replacement bearing). 2, Ring Mode Projectivity, or Some of the Movies. The foreign matter is entered in the ring mold, the ring mold is wound, the gap of the pressure roller and the compression is too tight, the pressure roller wear or the pressure roller bearing cannot be rotated, and the granulator vibration (inspection or replacement ring mold, adjust the pressure roller gap). Service Animal Husband 3, Joint Correction Unbalance, High and Some Deviation, Plasmform Chances have vibration, and the tooth axis oil seal is easily damaged (the coupling must be collected to the horizontal line). Service Livestock 4, the spindle is not tightened, especially the D-type or E-type machine, the spindle is loosely generates axial direction, the pressure roller is obvious, the granulator noise is large , Difficulty in granulation (requires tightening the main shaft butterfly spring and round nut). Serving Livestock 5, Size Gear Wear, or Replacing a single gear, also generates a large noise (need to have a grinding time). 6, the injection of the material is uneven, the granulator working current fluctuates greatly (requires adjustment of the striup paddle). 7, using new ring models must be formulated with new rolls, and configure a certain proportion of sandfhysteraries to poll, polished (eliminate using inferior rings). Service Livestock 8 Serving Livestock 9, the steel frame structure is not strong, the steel frame produces vibration in the normal operation of the granulator, and the granulator is easy to generate resonance (the steel frame must be reinforced). Serving Livestock 10, the tail of the regulator is not fixed or fixed in a secure or fixed. 11, Groundulator Oil Leakage: The oil seal is worn, the oil level is too high, the bearing damage, the coupling is unbalanced, the body vibration, forcibly launched.

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