151 waste of Chin factories, director of German production

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Modern management usually summarizes the production site as: waste of excessive production, waiting for time waste, transportation, waste, waste of inventory, waste of action, waste of quality defects. – seven waste of feed, serving livestock management work: idle waste, waiting waste, coordination, disorder, waste, waste, waste, management costs . Serving Musk Edra, a German production directure, found that secretly Ma Ma but Note, with a very common note, Mr. Edra will summarize th 151 waste into the following eight kind. , Waste Lack of Appropriate Plan, enabling people to wait for people to wait, or stop working with the service livestock leader failed to completely understand the command and instructions of the lack of understanding of all day work content – Bit Feed Serving livestock to the squad leader or instructions unclear failed to supervise the tools, materials, small devices, etc. should be placed in a certain place – should not work overtime, causing overtime does not review each job is supplied to the right tool and assembly They can work Insufficient All Delivery People – Fill in the report and various application forms service livestock and animal husbandry, the employee develops a chat, take a job, wasting time bad habits Question and correction of employee temporary post-employment and time-leave reason does not require employees to start working on time, loosely supervise the information network of China Feed Industry Decision serving the livestock leader itself is unnecessary asked for a holiday and late or not waiting for report No immediately check reason China’s feed industry information network serving unnecessary talks in animal husbandry work and questioning China FeedIndustry information network service livestock classes can not properly arrange their work and time 2, creative waste failed Listening to employee’s recommendations failed to encourage employees to recommend can not listen to the subordinates in various issues Uncomfortable Reporting Missing Method does not ask new people’s experience in the past, to obtain beneficial opinion is not fully adequate to other departme (such as phlegm, etc.), please ask China’s feed industry information network service livestock unreasonable or designated appropriate personnel to handle all useful proposals failed to obtain beneficial opinions from the meeting management machine is not good three, materials and supplies Waste Directation bluepri or sketches, difficult to understand, read, standard, not timely correct, or self-propositions machinery fault Or no Does Not Check Materials (Standard and Difference Analysis) does not allow ministry to understand materials or supplies Product value orders and instructions unclear bad material handling Pay attention to the eye’s eye and health, resulting in a non-good item lack discipline, conjunction with careless or improper work tolerance is an inappropriate material Such as too much or too bad failed to track the bad work, so that can not be applied, especially new people Service livestock, please receive too many materials, excessible but not paying back does not accept the right materials, use the wrong material Check whether the material is arranged neatly, correctly place the Failure to Check the Capacity of Vapor, Water, Gas, Electricity and Compressed Air Damage – Bit Feed Serving the livestock conjunction with private affairs, compressed air, small tools, chemicals and other to make bad materials as good materials into the process lack Effective system preve material outflow, avoids loss or being stolen for China’s feed industry information network serving livestock can be used as waste treatment service animal animal husbandry or waste or abuse of the following supplies : Sweep, stationery, oil cloth, light bulb, water pipe, etc. service livestock produce adverse hair production No immediately produced four, machine and equipment Washing service livestock lack of work plan, so that all available machines have not fully and suitable use of in the inspection machine, so that it maintains a good condition and avoid avoided Fault Ladies lacks correct use of machines, do not understand the capacity of various machines, service livestock unregulated check-rope, belt, chain, Transport belt, lubrication system, etc. chicken with cattle knife, small work, big machinery in maintenance, repair, paint lack of work Maintenance department coordinates idle machines, unpaid, tidal, dirt, dust, rust, etc. Erosion service livestock lack regular clean, machine Unclean all the turning parts of the service livestock do not check if there is a proper lubrication should not immediately apply service livestock machine does not have appropriate operating instructions lack of good discipline to avoid the abuse of machine equipment vertical orientation Repair Machine Leading does not know the latest type does not promote the payment of the value of the machine abuse small machine Coctrous work service livestock this scrapped machine is still repaired, more costs than buying new machines, serving livestock repaired machines to scrapped China feed industry information Net-based feed, without efficiency management data (mechanical efficiency) five, human waste 1. Caver control Personnel Capital Exchange of Employee Changes Direct and Indirect Cost u0026 ldquo; Pipe u0026 Rdquo; Too many, smart leaders for Discipline Requireme “Too”” or “”Too Pine”” “”Commitment””

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