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Zhengchang, China granulator, the founder of China-granulator! , Granulate Machine Industry Standards! , 50 years such as one day, professional, focus on the development of granulating equipment! , 1998, wholly-owned US CPM in China Investment Granulator Factory! , in the US CPM granulator core technology comprehensive innovation and improvement, achieve the most complete, most stable granulator series in the whole industry! – Service Animal husband Zhengchang, creating granulator 3 years without trouble-running operation record Zhengchang, creating granulator ring mold 4500 hours industry use record serving the animal husbandry Zhengchang mdash; mdash; China’s first, China’s largest granulation equipment pioneer, granulation equipment global sales exceeded 9,000 units, China 65% users And the world’s 6,800 farm and animal husbandry companies are being used, and the granulation efficiency is increased by 15%. Service Animal Husband from the first granulator to the world’s 1208 type, from 1998, wholly-owned US CPM in China in China Investment Granulator Factory to CPM Granulation Comprehensive innovation and improvement in the core technology, the completion of the whole industry, the quality of the European and American first-class brands. to improve production capacity and feed quality, improve equipment stability, always is the primary goal of Zhengchang in the development of granulator, so Zhengchang has always adhered to the R D technology level and higher gear type Granulator, more use of data and reports through a large number of users, constantly modify and enhance the product, solve a large number of problems in applications, and the service life and stability of the product have also become industry benchmarks. in 1973, Zhengchang successfully developed the first particle pressing machine (45) in China; China Feed Industry Information Net – Biped Feed, In the early 1980s, the scientific and technological rarch team leading by the first generation of scientific and technological personnel, the first do tic KYW-32 gear type transmission flat feed particle pressing machine, and hit the first time in China Produced by more than 5 tons of feed production plant, pioneered the primary river of do tic feed machinery industries. In 1998, the US CPM’s investment granulator technology factory in China, converting CPM3020, 3022, 7726, 7730 granulator to 15t / h 508 granulation, respectively. Machine; 20T / h558 granulator; 25t / h of 678 granulator; 30t / h of 768 granulator; also will also upgrade to 15-5-5- The medium-sized models of the 30T / h also reached the advanced level of European and American, and the level of automation and intelligence. s 2016 Granular, seasonal 55 mdash; 75T, through national identification. The technical breakthrough of the product of 1208 granulator, not only leading the China’s feed industry to continuously high-efficiency, intelligence, and safe development, but also China’s feed to large, intensive development, one-stop development, catching up to Europe and the United States, The cost declined and has made a solid foundation. to optimize structural process parameters, improve granulation efficiency and quality, and constantly develop and innovate, so that granulator manufacturing process level and process performance parameters are constantly improving And optimize, forming the most complete series of products in the 0.5 ~ 75T / H industry. Service Animal Husband, Granular Equipment for Different Material Design Professional, such as: Specialized Pig Granulation Machine, Bull Plane Plane Machine, Aquatic Product Granulation, Wood Granular, fertilizer granulator, etc., product covers various areas to meet the different needs of different customers at home and abroad, greatly improved the economic benefits of feed companies. Service Animal Husband From Do tic Feed Enterprise – Sefeia Group Used Zhengchang 420 double line, 3 years more than 6,000 There is no fault run in hours, and the company has more faithfully fulfilled the quality of Qi Chang. , 50 Years, Professional Focus on the R D of Granite Equipment, Products are exported to more than 80 countries and regions around the world and have established a fair service network around the world. Always being your trust partner!

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