Adding antibiotics in feeding

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Some side effects are easily occurring due to improper addition, mode and method, such as continuous use to cause pathogenesis to cause drug resistance, and cause harm to human health in livestock products. Adding antibiotics in feed can not only prevent livestock and poultry diseases, but also improve the metabolism of livestock and poultry, promote livestock growth, increase survival rate and feed conversion. So how do I add antibiotics in the feed? 1. Strictly control the addition quantity. When eyasonics is used as a treatment of livestock disease, it can be added more than 0.1% in the feed, and when used as a feed additive, the feed per ton is only 10 to 15 grams. Some farmers often increase the number of adds quantities, which not only increase production costs, but also enhances the drug resistance of pathogens, but also pollutes the environment and reduces efficiency. 2. Strictly control the medication time. On the one hand, an antibiotic is used for a period of time, and some of the pathogens will die, and some will survive, th survive pathogens produce resistance to this antibiotic. At the same time, the use of the same antibiotics for a long time can inhibit the normal growth and reproduction of some beneficial microorganisms in the intestine. On the other hand, the control time is controlled, and the amount of residues in the drug in livestock products can also be effectively limited. Such as oxytes calcium salt should stop the drug 7 days before the slaughter is used as a pig feed. 3. Differentiate different livestock species. Different livestock species, different growth stages of the same livestock and poultry are different, such as pigs feeding antibiotics in a breeding and production, the amount of antibiotics can improve the recovery rate, the number of production, and the piglets are in 8 The antibiotic effect is used to decline when you don’t decline. Similarly, after the use of oxytemithicin is used for adult rumina, it will inhibit the activity of tumor stomas microorganisms, and the effect of young livestock is better. 4. It is necessary to mix evenly with the feed. Premix should be made first in the use of antibiotics, and then mix it in the feed, so that it can be mixed well. It is strictly forbidden to mix antibiotics into the feed, so that there will often be livestock poisoning due to uneven stirring. Adding antibiotics in the feed, also pay attention to the use of animal special antibiotics, minimal or no antibiotics shared by human animals, and to change the type and dose of antibiotics accordingly with environmental conditions, pay attention to environmental hygiene and disinfection at any time to further increase antibiotics effect. 5. Pay close attention to compatibility. There are many kinds of antibiotics sold in the market. If you don’t pay attention to compatibility in use, you can not only get prevention of treatment, but also cause livestock poisoning. Such as tetracycline antibiotics and penicillin, iodamine, chloramphenicol has compatible contracted taboo.

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