Analysis and countermeasures of 12 kinds of polarity quality defects

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The puffed aquatic feed is a new aquatic product that is gradually accepted and promoted by the majority of farmers with a low pollution, low waste, high efficiency and high conversion of feed. In recent years, my country’s aquatic feed production has grown rapidly, and the development of shrimp and precious special aquatic products is very fast. In th special aquatic feed, extruded puffed particulate feed has become the main product form. Since the extruded puffed aquatic feed production line is more new, especially the control technology of the operating conditions of the extruded duffling machine is not perfect, many do tic feed manufacturers on the processing technology and production characteristics of the puffed aquatic product feed is still in the continuous exploration. And the stage of development, the quality of the feed products produced by each manufacturer will have a large difference. Even with the same manufacturer’s quality of the same variety products in different batch products, there may be greater fluctuations. Unable to ensure the stability of physical properties. After years of production practices. It is believed that the influx of the puffed is generally in the process of processing: XET 1) particle size is uneven, long-term uneven; XET 2) granules Plevement; XET 3) Particle Deformation; XET 4) The particle hardness is not enough; XET 5) The particle water resistance is not good, the viscoelasticity is poor; XET 6) particle incision is not neat, oblique; XET 7) Granular puff Not high; XET serving livestock 8) Granules have a water phenomenon; XET 9) Granules a big one; XET serving livestock 10) Granules form two-cut surface concave shape; XET 11) Granule with tail; XET service livestock 12) particle surface Peel. XET After years of production practical experience, this paper summarizes some problems that often appear during the processing of puffed materials, and proposes corresponding solutions. XET 1, Particle size is uneven, long-term uneven particle size is different, long short, not only affects the beauty, but also It will affect its marignability and water-resistant time, resulting in unnecessary waste. In addition, it will also become an excuse of a farmer complaint. XET Serving Animal Sciences XET 2, Particle GasMulti-XET there are more air pores of the service livestock, but the outer surface not only affects the appearance of the feed, but the feed is easily broken in the transportation process, causing unnecessary waste. It is not easy to sink during feed feed, and the floating time is long. XET Serving Animal Sciences XET 3, Particle Deformation Not Round XET Particles Deformation, may be due to mold hole Deformation, or due to excessive moisture, extruding deformation during transportation during the mold. Therefore, the high-temperature puffed feed for the just drawn is preferably used, so that the surface of the particles can be quickly formed of a layer of colloidal wrap, not only the fragmentation of the particles, but also the shape of the granules can be rounded. However, the moisture of the particles during the gas transportation is very heavy, and it needs to be dried as soon as possible. The particle deformation is not far, causing the particle size uneven, affecting its right level. XET Serving Animal Sciences XET Service Livestock 4, Particle Hardness is not enough XET hardness is deformation caused by feed Resistance. The feed hardness is not enough, which will cause the feed to deform in the handling, which affects the appearance of the feed. It may cause the feed to dissolve in the water before being fed, or it may be that the moisture is large, and the feed is not easy to store, and it is easy to produce mildew. XET Serving Animal Sciences XIT 5, Granular Water Resistance, Net Sexually refers to the anti-solubility capacity of the feed in water, which is usually expressed in the amount of loss rate of feed in water under the predetermined conditions. The poor feed resistance of feed can result in dissolution in water before being fed, causing unnecessary waste, and pollutes water quality. Natural viscoelasticity, resulting in poor goodness of feed. XET Serving Animal Het 6, Particle Insulation Not Neglings, Joint XIT Serving the Feed Production of Livestock Production A neat particles, unregulated, deformed particles affect the appearance of the feed. It is generally caused by unreasonable adjustment of the incision and cutter, and may be due to the fact that the amount of charge is too large. XET Serving Animal Sciences XET 7, Granular Prestige Rate Not High XET , Solulent Time Long, affect its right level and digestibility. The high content of the lipid compound will reduce expansion, when the fat content is 17 to 22%, the product is influentially or non-influential. The particle pensive rate will result in a short time to float in the water, which is easy to sink into the bottom of the water, causing unnecessary waste.. XET Serving Animal Sciences XET 8, Granules have Shenshui Phenomenon XET Granules have a water phenomenon, It is the reason why the puff coefficient is too low, the material is too heavy. Some particle floating materials If there is a water phenomenon, one is to cause unnecessary waste, and the other is that it is difficult to observe the fish to eat. XET Serving Animal Sciences XET 9, Particles One Large Small XET Pack of a big head, Impact feed is beautiful, it is easy to cause feed fracture, and the powder rate is improved, and the preparation is lowered. XET XET – 10, Particle Forming Double Swipe Double Concave XET Particle Double Sidap Shape, the amount of feed is uneven, the proportion of water and steam is unreasonable, and this is usually the case. Unregulated particles, not only affect the appearance of the feed, but also cause more feed powder, affecting its right level. XET Serving Animal Sciences XET 11, Granules Tail XET Particles Belt Tail, Many Reasons Mainly a problem of cutters. Feed particles with tail, but not only affect the appearance of feed, will also lead to more feed powder. XET Serving Animal Sciences XET 12, Particle Surface Peeling XET Surface Deleting Employment During transportation Producing dust, surface peeling may be lacking in water, and it is also possible to be affected by molds and cutters in processing processes. It not only affects the beauty of the appearance of the feed, but also causes more feed powder. The moisture is added, and the formed material is too soft, easy to deform, generally should be divided into water at 25 to 30%. Surplising can also affect the water resistance of the feed. The quality of the product is doubtful to the quality of the product. XET Serving Animal Sciences XET

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