Analysis of Color Design of Feed Machinery Products

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In recent years, with the internationalization process of the feed machinery industry, the comprehensive competitiveness of the product is comprehensively improved has become a prerequisite for corporate international construction. The color design of important components of model design as a feed mechanical product is increasingly attached to the company.
Scientifically study the color design of feed machinery products and put into practice, improving product grade and competitiveness, adapting to operator’s psychological needs and improving work efficiency, meeting people’s pursuit and creation of harmonious and comfortable working environment It has important practical significance.
1 Unified Feed Machinery Product Color System Necessity
The color design of the product is a comprehensive discipline, which is relatively widely involved, and the designer should consider the product. The structure, function, form, use audience, working environment and people’s feelings such as color, and use aesthetic law to use aesthetic law.
The factors and side priorities to consider will vary when coloring different categories. For example, personal consumer goods such as mobile phones, cars, often use a variety of color systems to meet different consumers. And TV, the color design of the display, the designer considers more of the use of color to assist or strengthen the product’s function, in order to highlight the screen lighting effect, the casing is multi-light black. Some features of the feed mechanical products determine its product color must be unified in a color system.
1. The unified color system can create a harmonious and comfortable working environment
Feed mechanical products are fixedly mounted in a larger indoor space for combination with a plurality of stand-alone products. Therefore, when coloring the feed mechanical products, it is not only for a single product to consider the correlation, coordination, and integrity of the complete system. In other words, the color design of the feed mechanical product is the color design of the feed processing system. The system includes mixing, pulverizing, granulation, puffing, cooling, drying, dust removal, grading, delivery, packaging, etc. There are many types of equipment, models, if the color system is not uniform, will cause the work environment to fall into the sea. The operator is in a colorful working environment for a long time, which is easy to cause visual fatigue, which in turn leads to irritability, thereby reducing working efficiency. Therefore, in order to create a more harmonious, comfortable working environment, the feed mechanical products must be established to establish a unified color system.
1.2 Unified Color System is the need for enterprise “CI”” strategy
Modern enterprises have implemented overall business strategies for competition

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