Analysis of Factors of Feed Particle Solution Rate and Powder Rate

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According to the feed industry, the general particles containing powder content is 2%; the crushed material content is 4%, but it is actually difficult to do, mainly watching the market reaction situation! serving the animal husbandry # 8203; content of powder: The national standard definition is mainly the pellets, and the sampling position is set in the cooler, the standard sieve is 2.0mm, etc. is strictly regulated, generally within 5%; rate: Sampling position is a standard sieve scitioning of different specifications in the finished warehouse, different particle diameters, generally within 10%. service livestock varies depending on the feeding animal species, the general pig can be within 4%, the duck material must be controlled below 2%, the fish is not more than 1%. Otherwise, it will affect the feeding and feeding effects and waste. , Causes Particle Feed Pethemization Factors 1, Particle Feed Pumping Pumps directly affect the particle feed itself Advantages, reducing feed utilization efficiency, water feed can also cause partial pollution of water quality. Service Livestock 2 Not producing too much powder during sales and transportation. 3, there are many factors that cause particulate feed powder, such as formulation, pulverization particle size, granulation process, etc. , Powder is the inevitable problem of particle feed, but as long as the production process is reasonable, the equipment operation is standardized, the reasonable raw materials and formulations, strengthen management, can reduce particle feed Powder rate. Serving Livestock 1. Raw materials with high starch content, tuning temperatures during higher temperatures and moisture, can promote starch, granulation, can lubricate granulation production At the same time, the particles have good adhesion and low powder. Serving Livestock 2. Natural protein has a large capacity, heat-reducing degeneration, its plasticity and bonding are increased, less fine powder produced during crushing, which is advantageous for granulation production . Service Livestock 3. Adding oil to the particles to make the particles softly, reduce the degree of granulation wear through the resistance of the ring mode, increase the granulation production, but the amount of addition is not exceeding 3%. The addition of glycans can not only improve the nutritional value, but also use the binder to improve the wear resistance and hardness of the feed. 4. The raw materials for granulation performance, considering the appropriate amount of additives, such as starch, lignin, gelatinWait, granular bonding can be improved, but will increase costs. When the granulation conditions are timed (the massage temperature 75 ~ C, the granulator rotational speed 250R / min, the granulator current 150a, the steam pressure 0.22 MPa), the amount of feed and powder reflow of different formulations have the following relationship (sensory identification ldquo; +, ++, +++, ++++ rdquo; Indicates back flow sizes). (1) Analysis of Powder Rate Influencing Analysis 1, in the case of the feed formulation, should control raw materials as much as possible Water content, generally should not exceed 13% to facilitate increasing the amount of steam. Serving Livestock 2, the amount of oil added should not exceed 5%, too high, the particles are not easy to form. 3, the finer the brittle particle size, the better the powder, the lower the powder. Serving Livestock 4, should increase the temperature and moisture of the tuning and needle as much as possible, extend the injection and mixing time, and promote the starch to enhance the bonding of the particles. 5, according to different formulations, the formation of different types of rock molds and mold holes are selected to ensure granules. 6, Cutting Whenever, Position should be appropriate, ensure that the particle break is relatively flat, and the length is uniform. 7. When cooling, the cooling process should be soft, uniform, and the cooling speed should not be too fast, avoiding the surface of the particulate material, and improves the powder. (II) 1, Granules Feed by Granules and Classification Squares Work Effect A great relationship, which is mainly the production capacity and screen selection of grading sieves. Serving Livestock 2, the production capacity of grading sieve must be greater than the yield of the granulator, otherwise the sieve capacity is poor, the feed content is high; – Based The shape and size of the feed, service livestock 3, the screen hole should meet the requireme of the particles, and the longitudinal opening degree of the general screen hole should be 1.5 ti the lateral opening degree, the lateral opening degree is about 0.75 ti ; service livestock 4, grading screen sieve should often brush, reduce the blockage of the screen, to improve the screening efficiency, reduce the content of the content. Service Animum 5, In addition, the content of the powder is also related to the delivery method of the finished product from the grading to the finished warehouse, and it should take effective measures to reduce pellets. Avoid increased content rate before packaging. hide7Y

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