Analysis of modulation effects of granulating formation strontium

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Templates are indispensable steps of granulation or puffing, there is no good tensioning system, there is no excellent granulation or puffing effect, and more factors affecting the conditioning of the mass striped strip, mainly depending on the following three factors. 1 Material Performance 1.1 Material Nature Service Animal Husband Since the kind of feed is a lot, Its material properties are different, which affects the tethery. According to the compone of the body, the material properties are divided into protein type, starch type, fibrous, fat, thermal sensitivity, etc., the work parameters should be different when tuning temperament. 1.1.1 Protein Feed Protein has hydrophilic, water injection should not increase too much, otherwise it is easy to block the film hole, for this, using superheated steam is good because Protein feed regulation is more important than humidification. Service Livestock 1.1.2 Starchy Feed Starch requires high temperature, high humidity, so that low-voltage superheated steam or add some water in the mixer. Service Livestock 1.1.3 Fiber Feed Fiber Holds Water-based and Bondability, for this moisture should not be too high, generally 13% -14%, temperatures controlled at 55-60 ¡ã C. If the temperature is too high, the pressed particles are prone to cracks, using a lower overheated steam or add a small amount of moisture in the mixer to reduce the temperature of the suppression. 1.1.4 Fatty Feed Fatty Feed Water should not be too high, for this purpose, high superheated steam is beneficial to fat type granulation. 1.1.5 Heat Sensitive Feed Heat Sensitive Feed Strong Strippet Temperature is low, the temperature is controlled below 60 ¡ã C, the moisture should not be high, so the lower overheated steam can be used. Or add a small amount of moisture in the mixer to reduce the temperature is effective. 1.2 Materials Particle Size and Uniformity Service Livestock Due to many types of feed, the same type of powdery material particle size and The degree of homogenesis is also large, which has a certain difficulty in the operation of the tunmer and proposes a high requireme. Because the tuning requireme make the center of each particle softened, such as small particle tething has reached the requireme, the large particle tuning has not met the requireme. If the particle size phase difference is, the larger the injection, the greater the gap. Foreign latest rarch conclusions: propose ldquo; influence of powdered particle size on the regulation effect of the tensile effect rdquo; To this end, for large-scale feed mills, the particles can be graded, the granules can be graded, and the process of tuning is performed, and the best conditioning effect is achieved, and can save energy. 1.3 Material Water Service Animalum is an important factor affecting the effects of the tuning and stront, in the same circumstances, the material is materialHigh moisture content, the temperament effect is better than the low moisture.Since the microorganism is poorly resistant to wet heat, the microorganism can absorb the high temperature moisture in the surrounding medium under the action of steam, thereby promoting the solidification of microbial cell proteins, and accelerates microbial death (the microbial death time of the wet heat material is low.1/3 of the moisture material.Therefore, in the high moisture content of the material, the mildew and the pathogenic bacteria and the anti-phytopokeurpelointestinity of Salmonella, the pest damage and the inactivity of the protease inhibitor are high, and the starch is also high.

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