Analysis of Premixed Feed Production and Quality Management

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Abstract: The premix is based on animal growth and nutrition needs, considering the influence of various relevant factors, a ts advanced equipment, multivitamin, trace eleme, amino acids and promotion length factors, etc. High-tech products that are reasonably matched, uniformly mixed. Although the premixed feed is small in full-price feed, it plays an extremely important role in the feeding effect of the full price, and the scientific premixed feed formula is the key to the production of premixed materials. It is necessary to produce quality Premix, not only requires scientific formula, but also requires high quality raw materials, fine equipment technology and a complete management measures. This paper discusses from the characteristics, role, production technology poi, and production of premix, and the correct use of premixed materials. Keywords: Premix; Quality Management; Analysis : Premixed Feed is the same type of additives or different types A variety of additives are mixed with a certain proportion of homogenized m ures. 1 Premix Feed Production Purpose, Characteristics of the production purpose of the prem ure is to make trace component additives after dilution The active ingredient is uniformly dispersed in the mating feed. premixed precautions for the quality of livestock quality generally include six or seven trace eleme, more than 15 kinds of vitamins, 2 amino acids, 1 ~ 2 drugs and other additives (antioxida and defense Molding, etc.), and the nature and effect of various feed additives are different, and the compatibility relationship is complex. general premix accou for 0.5% ~ 5%, although the amount is less, but the improvement of animal production performance, improvement of feed conversion, and feed prrvation There is a big role. the active ingredient concentration of additives in the service livestock premix is high, generally dozens to several hundred ti more of the required amou of animals, and if they are directly feeding, it is easy to cause animal poisoning. Therefore, it is often added to a variety of feed raw materials to be used in a certain proportion of mixing of feed or concentrated feed or concentrated feed. 2 Premix the role of the premixed material is mainly 4 poi: 1 can make the trace ingredie of the additive in cooperation Uniform distribution; 2 is treated by premixing process, compensate and improve the unsatisfactory characteristics of trace compone, such as instability, water absorption, electrostatic adsorption phenomena; 3 to standardize the additives; 4 simplify the production of general feed processing pla Process and reduce investment. 3 Premix Feed Production Technology Key – BasedFeed, 3.1 A t Advanced Formula Premix Feed Formula is the core of production technology, is the animal nutrition expert of specialized premix manufacturers according to animal growth and production The nutritional needs characteristics, according to the basic nutritional content of do tic feed raw materials, what is the reasonable, low-value (rational rdquo; as the principle, considering the external environment and processing technology, etc. On the one hand, combined with nutritional needs, user feeding levels and conditions to choose the right, appropriate amount of additive raw materials; on the other hand, consider the need for processing, for most compone, such as nutrition additives, etc., master the material is formulating technology key. Drug feed additives and certain sensitive compone (such as selenium, copper, etc.) must have sufficient scientific according to the necessary practical experience, otherwise it is extremely easy to appear errors and the consequences are serious. The ratio of the raw material is an important factor affecting the quality of premix products. The proportion of active ingredie and dilue in the premix, the ratio between various trace eleme, and the ratio between related active ingredie should be just right. The formula should not be constant, and should constantly adjust the formula according to market feedback, local conditions, season changes, the latest technology and product information, and rigorously, and do not losing flexibility, always close the premix product close to the national conditions and production. actual. Service Animal Husband 3.2 Select High Quality Raw Materials the quality of the quality of animal husbandry raw materials is very affected by the actual utility of the premix, the most basic requireme of high quality raw materials are purity High, no toxic hazardous substance, which is most important to the active ingredient content, especially for Va and Vc, which are easily destroyed, and should be determined by actual measurement. Trace element compound feedstock must have a high biological value, stable physical properties, and a small amount of physique. In addition, some additives, its own quality and dosage forms are prone to other additives, and should pay special attention. When choosing a trace element feedstock, the content, particle size, crystalline water, and toxic and hazardous substances should be considered. Drug feed additives, but also pay attention to safety issues, and must be fully understood from the instructions and manufacturers, etc., etc. – Best Support, Service Livestock 3.3 Using Best Carriers and Dilue Service Animalum carrier is a microparticles carrying or adsorb microactive ingredie, which is premixed Inactive substances, the choice of carriers should follow the principles: strong chemical stability, no damage to adsorption; moderate particle size, good mixing with the full price; low price. The particle size of the carrier should be between 0.17 and 0.59 mm; the density is similar to the trace component density in which the microcarrum is carried out, the carrier density in the composite premix should be minimal.The average value of the component density; when a mixed carrier and an additive are added to increase the adhesion of the carrier; the water content of the carrier should be controlled at 8% to 10%, the vector cannot damage the active ingredient of the active ingredient; The acid-alkalinity of the carrier is close to neutral. Common carriers are: shell powder, wheat bran, corn, bran powder, skim rice bran, stone powder, zeolite powder, salt, etc. The diluent is to decrease the concentration of the active material in the premix, and the ingredie separated from each other, which is the same as the vector, and the reactivity between the active ingredient is conducive to the active ingredient. The requireme for the diluent are: the moisture content of the diluent should be less than 10%, no moisture, no agglomeration; particle size requireme are between 0.05 ~ 0.6mm; the surface is smooth, hng good fluidity; pH requireme Between 5.5 ~ 7.5, there is no static charge; it must be animal edible, harmless and stable. 3.4 Raw Materials Vitamins is Oxygen, Wet, Heat, Light, Photographic, Metal Ion and Other Activity. In order to meet the requireme of the production process, all vitamin additives must be specially preprocessed to maintain their stability and activity. Emulsifying techniques can be used to form fine particles, uniformly dispersed in the matrix; then use the package to be technically, forming a microparticle hng a gelatin package to form a microcapsule. The microparticles thus processed can be resistant to mechanical operation, oxidative properties, good mixing properties. Trace element additive mainly refers to mineral salts and oxides such as copper, iron, mangan, and zinc. The water solubility in th compounds is poor, and some are easy to absorb the moisture, and appropriate pretreatment must be performed before the application, so that some of their physical properties are met, it is in line with the processing process and ensures product quality. Pre-treatment techniques mainly have drying, add anti-agglomerates, coating packages, fine granulation, prevention, and the like. 3.5 Using High Precision Production Equipment Serving Animal Sciences Realizing the Accurate Measurement Ingredie, to ensure strictly in accordance with the formula require accurate ingredient It is necessary to have advanced metering equipment and reasonable processes, premix production has high requireme for the accuracy and stability of various metering bubbles. Therefore, the relevant equipment should be strengthened and regularly calibrated. 3.6 Mixed Uniform Mix Although only physical process, due to the difference in characteristics such as raw material density, it is necessary to scientifically select equipment , Mixed time and suitable carrier or diluent, process flow is as simple as possible, and strike a mixed uniform. High-quality premix, all of its groups are uniformly distributed, arbitrarily a ted a sample test, and its proportion between multiple compone should be consistent with the formulation. But due to the influence of various factors, different sampling roomsThere will be differences in different batches. The uniformity of the premix means that the actual intake of the animal does not meet the amount of supply specified by the formulation, thereby directly affecting the addition effect and the feed effect of the feed, especially for some safety dosage and poisoning doses. For trace ingredie, uniformity differences may cause unsafe consequences, so uniformity is an important quality indicator of premix. The metrics that measure uniformity are mixed uniformity, indicated by variation, the standards of the Ministry of Agriculture issued standards should be less than 7%. Service Animal Husband 3.7 Introducing HACCP Management System Service Animal Husband In Today, the safety of meat is increasingly attached to the premix production. HACCP ( Key hazards or technical control poi) The management system is very necessary. First, you should analyze the hazard factors in the feed production process, and the critical control point is determined, and the control standard is established, and then the effective and effective control measures will be implemented, establish a detection method and procedure, and see if the control measures and the standards set in time. There is a deviation, take a powerful corrective action, and adjust the production and processing and control methods in a timely manner, and fully verify the HACCP system. Implementing HACCP to improve the quality control awareness and quality control level of premix production enterprises, it will enhance the comprehensive improvement of premix production.

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