Analysis of the cause of feed granulator jam and treatment method

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During the cooperation of feed production, the granulator is essentially important, since the preparation of the particles is completely based on granulator. However, in actual production, due to a variety of reasons, it is easy to form a layer of thick and hard materials between the ring mold and the pressure roll; the pressing roll cannot be extruded from the mold hole, so that the granulator ring The mold card is died or slipped, thereby causing common granulator jam. Through the on-site analysis of multi-equipment multi-material, the cause of the plugging is not more than the following: 1, Mold Roller Clearance is not suitable service livestock mold roll gap is too large, causing the material layer between the mold rolls and uneven distribution, and the pressure roll is unbel well. Once the mold rolls are smaller than the extrusion of the material, the material is squeezed out to generate a plug. In order to reduce the closing, pay attention to the adjustment of the diaphragm gap, and adjust the roll and ring mode when the adjustment is adjusted; it seems to be non-relying, similar to the rotationless rdquo; the state is optimal, according to the observation, this The gap is generally 3-5mm. This, the experience and adjustment of granulation workers are quite important. 2, Steam – the most ideal production conditions in the production of animal husbandry feed production are: raw material moisture, excellent steam quality, Have a sufficient tempered time. Dry saturated steam particles are used correctly, and the yield of the granulator and the quality of the particulate material can be effectively improved. To ensure that the particulate quality is good, the output is high, and in addition to the normal operation of the granulator, it should be guaranteed to enter the dry saturated steam quality of the granulator striupter. Suitable saturated steam is softened during granulation, improve productivity, reduce friction thermal energy, extending the life of the ring mode; reduces power consumption, promotes starch ceiling, fiber bonding; increased particles The formation rate, reduce the powder, so that the material appearance is smooth and neat, thereby improving product competitiveness. the quality of animal husbandry is poor, so that the material is too high in the regulator, it is easy to cause the mold hole clogging when entering the grain cty, the pressure roller is slippery, and a plugging is formed. Specific performance in: 1 steam pressure is not enough, high water content, too much water absorber, low pressure, the temperature is also low, the starch does not excel, the granulation effect is poor; 2 steam The pressure is unstable, and the high demodulation is unstable, resulting in a large fluctuation of granulator current, and it is easy to cause the normal production process. Worker should pay attention to vapor pressure, mass feeder feeding amount, etc. At the same time, in order to reduce the number of plugging due to the quality of steam, the boiler room must provide high quality stable dry saturation.steam. During the production process, the granulation should pay attention to the material moisture after the injection, and the simply discrimination can be used. The specific method is: 3, Temperature Memorial Effect To make particle feed to meet the competitive demand of the market, it must ensure excellent quality. It is essential because it directly affects the yield of granulator and particulate quality, especially the stability of the water of special aquatic products, more important indicators. If the granulation precursor is not prolonged, the indicators of stability in water are difficult to ensure. The so-called regulating is a process for pretreatment of powdered materials before granulation, and is a process of sufficiently stirring and absorbing the grain powder and an appropriate amount of steam in the strontium. The mass-compliant teshanging equipment is selected, allowing the material to sufficiently stir mixing into the conditioner and the steam to achieve the effect of softening materials and gelatinous starch, facilitating the powder pressing, producing qualified products. The conditioner needs to have a longer-time heat prrvation, heating and humidity, and the number of layers can be installed on-demand. It ensures that the material can fully satisfy the tuning requireme, improve the surface and intrinsic quality of the particles, and improve the water resistance in water. At this stage, the advanced is the most ideal conditioning effect can be achieved using a modulator + shelling + modulator. s By debugging in-site debugging, reducing the number of pellet machines, can be solved by adjusting steam. Since the boiler device has been constitutive, the steam provided is determined, pay attention to the treatment of water vapor in the steam line, try to exclude the condensed water in the steam line, and the steam pressure in the front end of the mass strip must be very stable.

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