Analysis of the development direction of feed processing equipment industry

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What direction should be developed in my country’s feed machinery industry, and the answer is only one, that is, through scale, intensive operation. Only in this way can expand production costs and management expenses through the expansion of sales. In this way, in the tide of market competition, some small feed companies will be eliminated. At present, there is no high product processing machinery, productivity, and the largest production rate of 3–5T / h, and there is a certain gap compared to abroad. In terms of feed processing machinery, the United States and Europe are undoubtedly in front. Single-machine device automation and complete sets of automatic control procedures are higher.
Crusher: Further breakthrough in the technical load control technology, and combined with the central control technology, fully simulation of the working conditions of the pulverizer; develop a safe and reliable automatic shift mechanism, the pulverizer is The automatic shift is achieved without stopping, reducing downtime, easy to produce different materials, improve efficiency; increase the fault elimination speed when the screen is damaged. The study of the crusher sieve mechanism will be more in-depth, research on the excitement technology, the crusher self-cleaner, etc. will also be strengthened.
Mixer: Further research on the detection of the uniformity of the mixer, the automatic detection of the leakage, and the automatic cleaning after mixing.
Pellet Machine: Development Direction To focus on the following aspects: Tempance speed control, to study the control technology of material mass transfer, such as automatic adjustment of different materials, striupers, change material in tuning The residence time in the device is realized by automatic adjustment of the injection of the blade blade, etc. Strength, improve work efficiency and roller, mode life; access to feed powder powder on the granule machine, to achieve timely control, accelerate feedback speed, improve product quality.
The technical content of the feed equipment is greatly improved. We must see that today’s China feed machinery production is outside the factory, equipment conditions, processing accuracy, tooling levels are still gaps compared to foreign companies, and China’s feed mechanical design and manufacturing level, technology innovation capabilities must be in short time There is a bigger improvement to adapt to development.
Enterprises need to increase investment and expand basic research. From a state in which foreign feed machinery industry is developed, many famous feed machinery manufacturers have their own research institutions, or collaboration with relevant research institutions, most advanced, and most cutting-edge technology. Master in business hands. They have powerful development power and competitive power. Therefore, China’s feed machinery manufacturing enterprises must participate in international competition, and we must increase the research investment and carry out frontier basic research. Methods can be taken In addition to enterprise self-built research institutes, and related research institutions, collaborative colleges and even other relevant industries are very necessary, it is also practical. With this wide range of cooperation, take out advancedProducts, enhance the competitiveness of enterprises in the international market.

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