Analysis of Water Control Technology of Particle Feed Processing

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Summary, through the analysis of conventional moisture control techniques during particulate feed, the moisture addition technology and water online detection and control technology will help improve the quality and uniformity of particle feed, increase the economic benefits of enterprises. Key words feed processing; moisture; control technology diagram number S816.9 particle feed moisture content is a very important quality indicator, which directly affects the quality of granular feed quality and processing enterprises, effectively control It is one of the key to ensuring the quality and safety of feed products. The moisture content exceeds the specified standard, the particulate feed is prone to metastasis, is not conducive to storage, and the content of the nutrient ingredient is relatively reduced, and the energy of the feed is reduced; the moisture content is too low, which will affect the feed taste and cause excessive weight loss. The economic benefits of processing enterprises have declined significantly. During the feed processing, suitable moisture content is advantageous for granulation, which can improve the processing quality and production efficiency of particulate feed products, and reduce processing costs. How to control the moisture content of the particulate feed and become the general concern of feed processing enterprises. The source of raw materials and varieties of particulate feed processing has brought the difference between the diversity of feed processing intermediate products and the water distribution of the final product and the variability of water content. Studies have shown that the moisture change of the semi-finished powder powder is generally between 9% to 14%; the moisture content of the prenatal powder is about 12.5%; the moisture content of the mold material is 15.0% ~ 16.5%. It is reasonable, and the production of particulate feed processing quality is better, uniform, and the powder is low, and the moisture content of the final product is also easy to meet the standard requireme (generally processing the water of the particulate feed after processing. 12.5%). 1 Water Control Technology The water content and cooling effect during the moisture content and temperature of the material itself are the main factors affecting the final moisture content of the particulate feed product. During the processing of particle feed, th factors should be constructed according to different situations to ensure that the final moisture content of the product reaches the expected goal. 1.1 Water control of the raw material is made of a variety of raw materials, and the moisture of the finished feed is closely related to the raw material. When the material moisture exceeds the standard, the current particle feed process cannot be solved, only from the control of the raw material The moisture is grasped to effectively control the moisture of the finished particle feed. First of all, there must be a sound raw material management system, strictly control the raw material procurement and enrollment, and the moisture content of routine raw materials should not exceed normal indicators. Any raw material that does not meet the requireme of the requireme and enrollment, moisture exceeding the standard, general Do not process the finished feed without processing. Second, the raw materials that are easily absorbent should do not pressure the position, can not rely on the wall stack, should be based on the raw material variety, and the storage time should be re-measure the moisture content. Third, pay attention to the warehouse management, the warehouse should be ventilated, generally need to have temperature control, controlling devices, and raw materials to follow the “advanced first out”” principle

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