Animal protein sources for poultry diets

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Feedstuff Comments
Dried fish silage A way of turning waste fish into quality animal protein supplement; can completely replace fishmeal
Limitation: requires drying
Blood meal High protein content
Limitations: extremely deficient in isoleucine, poor palatability; can be included at no more than 5%
Hydrolysed feather meal High protein content
Limitations: deficient in several essential amino acids, low availability of amino acids; can be included at no more than 5%
Poultry by-product meal Feeding value similar to that of meat meal; recommended inclusion level of 5%
Skimmed milk powder Reject milk powder; good-quality protein; can be included at up to 5%
Novel sources:
insects, fly larvae, earthworms, termites, bees, snails, etc.
Good protein sources; can replace 50% of fishmeal in formulations; useful supplements for family poultry
Limitation: no commercial production and harvesting systems

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