Application of Feed Puffing Technology in Animal Production

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Abstract: Puffed technology is a technique for universal application in modern feed processing. After the feed is processed by puffing, starch amylization and degradation, protein degeneration, reduce anti-nutrient factor, increase premature, etc., but also generate uncomfortable substances, destroy vitamins, increase costs, etc. The article summarizes feed puffed technology and its advantages. Serving Livestock Keywords: Puffing; Advantages; Disadvantages; Feed 1 Puffed Technology – Service Animalum Puff Technical means that materials containing a certain amount of moisture are fed into the extrusion influenzal machine, under the promotion of the screw, the spiral, the material is axially movable, the material and the helix, the material and the barrel, and the internal mechanical grinding effect of the material. The material is strongly squeezed, stirred, cut, so that the material is further refined, homogenized, and the internal pressure and temperature in the cty cty are constantly increasing, and the material is in the action of high temperature, high pressure and high shear force. The material component has a complex material change. The last paste is ejected by the mold hole, and the pressure is generated in an instant, and the material is puffed, forming a structure loose, porous, crispy puffed product, thereby achieving the extrusion puffed. During the puffed, materials have changed significantly in the formation, tissue and appearance. The effect of material puff is closely related to the technical parameters of extrusion temperature, feed speed, raw material moisture, screw speed, and mode size. 2 Puffed Technology of Raw Material After Puffing Treatment, there is a unique fragrance and fluffy, preparatory sex, gelatinism High high, with good snack effect. At the same time, the long chain structure of organic matter such as some proteins and fats beco a short chain structure, making the animals more easily and absorb. 2.1 Starch Transmissions and Degradation – Based on Feeds, Serial Sudden Squeezing and Pulling, Starch mainly has changed in two aspects. First, the starch is paste, the puffed process disassembles the dense crystal structure of the starch molecule in the scattered corn, the crystal structure begins to absorb the absorbing body, the hydrogen bond starts to break, the expanded starch particles are broken, and become a viscous melt. Due to the sudden drop of the instantaneous pressure at the exit of the dawn, the steam instantissue disintegrates the large amount of expanded starch particles, and the starch is formed, and the puffed corneret with many micropores is formed. On the other hand, starch degradation, the average molecular weight of the starch is significantly reduced, and a small molecule oligosaccharide such as maltodextrin can be produced by lysis. The gelatinous starch has a strong water absorption and a much more bonding function than ordinary starch, which can reduce the use of starch in production, and provide more choices for other materials. Pastening starch is tightly combined with the starch matrix to form a rumen non-degrading protein, that is, a rumen protein, can improve the use of rumina on proteins. China Feed Industry InformationNet 1/5 1 2 3 4 5 Next Last

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