Automatic ingredient weighing system in feed production

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Since the poultry livestock is generally used in production, the demand for finished feed feed is increasing, and the production scale of the feed is also increased from 2T / h to 20t / h, 30t / h, or even more. The production of feeds with feed is mainly corn, wheat bran, fish powder, soybean meal, additives and animal products. It is necessary to put various raw materials to measure the struggle according to the quality specified in the formulation in a short time, and then enter the mixer process. It is difficult to achieve rapid and accurate manpower, so it is more important to use intelligent automatic ingredient weighing systems in feed production. XRC China Feed Industry Information Network – Based on Feed, Serving Animal Husbandry

There are two models of feed ingredient weighing: XRC China Feed Industry Information Network – Based on the feed, serving animal husbandry

One is called 12 kinds of feed materials in a metering order;

XRC China Feed Industry Information Network – Based on Feed, Service Animal Husbandry [123 Second, two metering baffs are called 8 kinds of feed raw materials, and are directly unloaded in one mixer.

XRC China Feed Industry Information Network – Based on Feed, Serving Animal Husbandry

The feed production formulation used in each production plant is different, but the production model, the process is similar, weighing the way Basic mini, the process production process is roughly used to use bucket lifting machine to increase the raw material to the high-rise screw conveyor, and distribute the electric-controlled rotary dispenser to the various storage bins located on the high-level high-rise, under the instructions of the ingredient controller. The spiral conveyor sequence of each storage warehouse is subjected to the metering bucket according to the set amount, and after the formulation regulates all materials, the metering truck opens the unloading door to send the mixing material to the mixer, while injecting The fat added to the desired amount is mixed, and then the pressing process is sent to the press molding.

XRC China Feed Industry Information Network – Battle, Service Animal Husbandry

The capacity of the metrics is generally 800kg to 1200kg, which generally uses an inverted conical struggle structure, in order to prevent metering factor The swing caused by the induction, preferably uses a pressure-based weighing sensor. Since the measured material is much loose powder feedstock, it is inevitably accumulated into a mountain hill after the raw material enters metering, so the volume design of the metering bucket must be multi-coefficient, so that it can fully accommodate the rated quality raw material. The density and particle size of the coefficient visual feedstock are set to 1.3 to 1.4. The taper of the metering bucket is to ensure the key parts of the freedom of raw materials. If the design is improper, the dry raw material is in the action of gravity, and it is possible to form a self-supporting arch in the cone in the action of gravity. Arch bridge or rat cave See pictures or funnel shapes, affecting the normal flow speed of the raw materials and the degree of cleanness, which will cause difficulty for disposable precise measures, so it should be eliminated, according to theoretical calculations and actual experience, this¸ö׶½ÇÒ»°ã¶¼ÒªÇóСÓÚ60¶È¡£ÎªÁËʹ¼ÆÁ¿¶·ÔÚ¹¤×÷ʱ´ïµ½×î¼Ñ״̬£¬·ÀÖ¹ÎüʪԭÁÏÔÚÄڱڶѻý¶ÂÈû¶øÓ°Ïì¼ÆÁ¿¾«¶ÈºÍжÁÏËٶȣ¬¿ÉÒÔÔÚ¼ÆÁ¿¶·²Ö±ÚÍâ²à¼Ó²Ö±ÚÕñ¶¯Æ÷£¬Ç¿ÆÈÕñ¶¯£¬ÆÆ»µ¶ÂÈû״̬£¬ÁíÍ⣬¿ÉÔÚжÁÏ¿ÚÉ϶ËÉè


ÖÃÈý½ÇÐÎÆƹ°½á¹¹¡£ The top of the metering bucket is a screw conveyor of 12 to 16 raw materials. The unit density is high. It is important for rapid and accurate measurements. In order to facilitate the timing calibration of the metering bucket, the outer side of the metering bucket can be welded or hung by 90 degrees along the circumference of 90 degrees to place or hang the weight when calibrated.


¿É±à³ÌÐò¿ØÖÆÆ÷PLCÔËÓÃÓÚÂß¼­¿ØÖƵç·£¬¿ÉÒÔËõС¿ØÖƹñµÄÌå»ý£¬¼õÉÙʹÓü̵çÆ÷µÈµçÆ÷µÄÊýÁ¿¡£ Since the logic control circuit inputs the logic control circuit inputs the logic control circuit to input the PLC’s CPU, it is more convenient to change the local part of the control circuit. In addition, it has a relatively complete report printing function, which can print systemic data reports, operative reports (boot dates, time, stop time), material consumption report, formula production report, ingredients report raw material number, quality, etc. . It can be seen that its variety of ingredients, control functions, and report printing functions can fully meet the needs of modern feed mill automation.


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