Bean feed processing method summary

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The use of soybean meal

Soybean meal is a cotton seed meal, peanut meal, rapeseed meal, etc. 12 kinds of animal and vegetable oil feed products, the most widely used. As a high protein, soybean meal is the main raw material for producing livestock and poultry feed, and can also be used to make pastry food, health foods, and cosmetics and antibiotic raw materials.

How to use tofu residue

Tofu slag is a by-product of tofu and soy milk, the crude protein and crude fat content is high, and it is a good value for feeding. However, the soy soybeare slag contains anti-supsase and some toxic substances, so it must be controlled when feeding the pig, and it is preferable to heat before feeding for 15 minutes to enhance the absorption utilization of the protein.

Soybean polypeptide – feed

Soy peptide is a low polypeptide mixture obtained by separating soy protein hydrolysis, then separated, refined, etc., which also contains a small amount of free amino acid, sugar And inorganic salts and other components. Soy polypeptides are usually composed of 3-6 amino acids, and liquid chromatography shows its molecular weight below 1000 DAL, and mainly peak positions within the range of 300-700.

Application of murries alternative soybean meal in feed

Protein feed source is mainly based on cotton seed meal, rapeseed meal, peanut meal, sunflower, etc., without fish powder, with a small amount of soybean meal or It is basically free of soybean cotton seed meal, rapeseed meal and other hypoders in full price of the amount of the amount of the amount of more than 12%.
Soy concentrated protein processing method

Soy concentrated protein is also known as 70% protein powder. Soy concentrated proteins can be applied to the production of milk powder, protein pouring food, screw, latex minced meat, meat roll, seasoning, baked food, baby food, simulated meat, etc., should be selected according to the functional characteristics of different concentrated proteins.

Soybean Meal Production, Natural Attributes and Use

Soybean Meal is a by-product obtained after soybean to extract soybean oil. According to the extraction method, it is divided into one immersion meal and two immersion meal. The by-products obtained after the extraction method extracts the soybean oil; first take the oil, then subjected to oil, then the by-product obtained after leaching and extracting the oil is referred to as dodder. The production process of the immersion meal is more advanced, the protein content is high, and is the main variety of circulation in the spot market at home and abroad.

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