Benefits Analysis of Electronic Feeding Station

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Electronic feeding station: 1 Fully automatic feeding is achieved with the automatic feeding device of the stocking tower + automatic lower material + automatic identification. (2) Data Automatic Transmission: All production data can be transmitted in real time to display at the farmer’s personal mobile phone U. 2, Production Efficiency (1) The management personnel work efficiency: for a sow population of 750 The mother pig farm, only 2 people can realize the management of the pig farm. Save HP 5 mdash; 8 people, 2000 yuan per month, save 120,000 mdash; 192,000 yuan per year. (2) The work of the management person is very easy: the administrator has an average of more than 1 hour per day, and the work after the entry is mainly breeding, transition, observation, Handling and other work, solving the pig farm staff is difficult to recruit, most is old, weak and human conditions. Service Animal Husband 3) The breeding production efficiency of sows is high: through the use of sow automatic feeding management system, the group can make the group to achieve excellent breeding production results. In the production mode of 26-28 days, the average annual fetus can be increased to 2.40 fetuses / year using the system, the average number of pigs can reach 12.32, the average annual output of sows Weaning piglets (the year productivity of the sow) can reach 26.83, the average return rate of the whole group is only 7.40%, and the average of the sow is an average of 2-3 years. That is, automated management of sows can greatly improve the reproductive production efficiency of the sow population. After using the sow to automatically feeding the system, my country’s sow productivity can be increased from the current 16 heads to 26 in the most optimization. Taking the commodity pig farm, the number of basic sows in my country’s 10,000 pig farms is approximately 650, and after using the automatic mother pig feeding system, it is only necessary to raise 400 sows to meet the production of thousands of merchandise pigs. Target, that is, the number of sows can be reduced by 41%. This undoubtedly greatly reduces the risk of whole group outbreak diseases, and of course sng feeding costs due to reducing the number of stocks. (4) The overall economic efficiency of the breeding: through the high degree of automation management, the individual management of the group sng sow is achieved, avoiding the influence of human factors on the production of pigs, making the overall economic efficiency of the farming have greatly improved. According to the average production level of Europe, the average pig farm using the sow automatic feeding management system can achieve a profit of 50-120 euros per commercial pig. 3, FeedingThe raising process fully considers the requireme of animal welfare, realizing the true meaning of ldquo; pig-friendly rdquo; (1) expanded the activity area of each sow: according to animal benefits Requireme, fully abandon the positioning column, using large group of models, let the sows will move freely, and the activity area of each sow is extended to 2.5m2 / head. (2) Free Folius, Free Combination, Personalized Feeding Time: The use of automatic feeding systems is used to accurately control under large group feeding conditions. The sows in the population can be freely populated, freely combined, and freely choose the feeding time. (3) Automatic (non-human interference) Realize special individual identification and isolation: In automatic feeding management system, through automatic monitoring of specific behor characteristics, with special individuals Identification system can achieve automatic isolation of special individuals (eg, estrus sows, returning sows, etc.), thereby reducing the production of human observation and subjective errors. (4) Provides a loose living environment for pigs: Based on a series of reduction stress measures, all pig farms also provide loose to pigs by playing easily music. Living environment. Action In addition to the requireme of animal benefits, it is also beneficial to reduce the stress generated by the sow during the feeding process, thereby ensuring the improvement of production efficiency. 4, achieving the high intelligent (1) System Monitoring Monitoring for Each Sow And react through the form of a drawing, providing the managers with the most accurate data. (2) For the production data of each stage of the group, the system can also control the computer to assist in the computer and produce various production reports to provide the manager’s data. (3) Realizing the remote management of the pig farm: As long as you have a 3G mobile phone or a laptop to access the Internet, you can monitor your pig farm, and you can pass film and television See the actual situation, perform remote operation and monitoring. 5, Risk Reduction of Epidemic Prevention Service Animal Husband From an epidemic prevention perspective, it can reduce the pollution problem of feed in transportation and feeding process, and The number of people can reduce the number of people entering the pig house, reducing the contact opportunities of people and pigs. Can reduce the labor quantity of the feeding personnel, reduce the feeding personnel, reduce the cost of feeding, and effectively control the diet of pigs, which is conducive to the standardization of feeding management.Scientifically, improve the level of feeding management.

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