Birth of China’s first granule machine

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The history of granulator can actually be traced back from the world, and feed workers have accumulated valuable experience in practice and is committed to improving granulator performance and improving particulate feed quality. Therefore, a cast pattern granulator, extrusion granulator, Schueler type granulator, flat mold granules, and ring mode granulator have been admitted. serving the animal husbandry my country’s feed industry is late, and more than 70 years behind developed countries. In order to promote the development of my country’s feed industry, in the early 1970s, the State Business Department introduced the first granulator from Italy. At that time, two grain machine pla that were more prominent at that time, and a company in Zhengzhou, the state-owned Fuyang Grain and Oil Machinery Factory and the Department of Commerce, made measuring and mapping, and manufacturing granulation equipment belonging to China. Since the number of purchases is only one and expensive, the business department stipulates that this granulator introduced only one disassembly, the two units must be disassembled in only one In the process, the method of investigation and digestion and absorption. First, the units of manufacturing the first granulator must have a milestone in the history of China’s feed industrial. Service Animal Husband This is a full range of hard-hard work and power, and the company’s grain and oil machinery factory and Zhengzhou enterprises are ready to go, in order to obtain zero in the field of granulator rarch and development in China. breakthrough. Due to various reasons, Zhengzhou was disassembled, surveying, and the scientific rarchers of the granulator were reached 10 days in advance, and the Zhengzhou Factory has completed all of the surveying work. The granulator has also been assembled. The rarchers of the Fuyang Grain Machine Factory face this unfavorable situation, although the heart is not hurt, but there is no complaint, self-chaos, they show a thriving, strong business, and quickly think about the solution, and finally The emperor is not worn by people, and the Fuyang Grain Factory has found many other imported granulator for mapping. The scientific rarch technicians of Fuyang Grain Machine Factory adotively analyzed the operational mechanism of the granule machine from the assembly process, and carefully pushed the details of each component and gradually advanced the mapping. Service Animal Husband First Do tic 45 Feed Granular Pressing Machine – in one No Network There is no computer in the age of computer, the rarchers of the Fuyang Grain Machine factory, the night is in the next day, one hand, one hand Totin Character, time consuming, finally completed the drawing, the first granular feed press, the first granular feed press, And carrying the prototype to participate in the trade fair of the Division of the Commercial Ministry of Commerce, started a new era of my country’s feed machinery industry, and at this time, the drawings of Zhengzhou have not been designed! Serving Livestock this granulation Once the machine is listed, the supply should notSeeking, greatly promoting the development of China’s feed industry.In the same period, Fuyang Grain and Oil Machinery Factory was also rated as a department of Ministry of China.

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