Blood powder processing method

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The blood of livestock and poultry contains rich protein, the nutritional value is very high; high-quality high-protein feed-blood powder can be made by simple processing. The specific processing method is as follows: 1. Carrier blood powder is simple processing method 1, bran (rice bran or cake powder) of 1 to 2 ti to blood, mix hard, stir evenly on the cement floor, diligent, general Dried 4 ~ 6 hours, then crush. Blood powder made of bran or rice bran contains 30% to 35%, and blood powder made of cake powder is 45% to 50%. Carrier blood powder should not exceed 5% in pig daily food, usually about 3% in chicken diet. 2, can be used as a carrier with soybeans, the processing method is basically the same, but when making it, it is necessary to make the bloodpea powder into a block, steamed 20 minutes, and then dried into a thin strip after it is cold, and then pulverized. Blood bean powder is about 47% crude protein. Feeding the chick with blood umea, should not exceed 3% of the day, feeding your youth chicken can replace the fish powder, and feed egg chicken can be partially or all of the fish powder. Second, the processing method of drying blood powder pours the blood into the pot, adding a raw lime equivalent to the blood volume by 1% to 1.5%, cooking the formation of a crispy group, remove the group to cut 5 ~ 6 cm Small blocks, exclusively dried on the cement floor to the tan, and then pulverized with a pulverizer into a powder shape, that is, blood powder. This blood powder is used to feed broilers generally account for 3% of diet, feeding the egg hns account for 2% to 3% of diet. If 0.2% propionate is added to the blood powder, and the pocket for blood powder is soaked in 2% calcium printed aqueous solution, then the blood powder can be added to the blood powder.

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