Blood powder simple processing introduction

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The blood of livestock and poultry is rich in protein, the nutritional value is high. By simple processing, high-quality high-protein feed-blood powder can be made. The specific practices are as follows: 1, sun making. Put the collected livestock blood in the pot, boil it with fire, so that it is solid into a blood clot, then remove the formed blood clots, cut into small pieces of 5-6 cm, and put it on the cement floor to dress up tannama After pulverizing the pulverizer, it is a powder. Blood from 0.5% -1% is mixed into livestock feeds in a proportion of blood. 2, carrier method. As a carrier such as wheat bran, rice bran or degreasing soy powder, add fresh livestock in blood, press the proportion of 1: 1, fully stirred and put it on the cement floor, and flipped often until dry, then dried, then smash it. Carrier blood powder. The carrier blood powder can be bisted according to 1% -2% proportion. 3, fermentation method. Choose a non-toxic, harmless, can improve and maintain the nutritional value of blood, improve blood powder, inoculation into fresh livestock waste blood, promote its rapid growth and reproduction, improve temperature, kill or inhibit harmful Microbial growth and development. Its main process is: mixing the collected livestock and poultry from 1: 1, mixed with a pore carrier, add 2% -3% of the songs, fermentation under 38-39 ¡ã C, and the time is not too long, the fermentation temperature Can’t exceed 40 ¡ã C. Then dry, when the water is lowered to 13% or less, it can be pulverized and packaged. In this process, the added curume must be pure, and it is not possible to contain any heteropter, and the aperture carrier is preferably used by wheat bran, which can increase the blood powder crude protein content, the crude fiber content is lowered, and the preparatory property is good. This method does not require high temperature treatment, the nutrie are small, and the quality of blood powder produced is high, no hustle measuring, livestock and poultry. Collection and processing is prohibited to collected and processed for livestock and poultry bloods, disobedient diseases, poisoning or death causes.

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