Bouue pig production process control key poi (cleaning, ingredie, granulation, cooling, defense)

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First, the original grain process purification. # 9635; Refersion System Perfect: Roller Sieve, Dust Removal System, Magnetic Sensors, Collector + Wind Selection System + Sepinger (Original Grain Net Maximization, Reduce Mold Toxin Content) Crafts # 9635; Different Crush Process Parameters are developed according to different product processes. Increases micron powder equipment or secondary crushing process. i, Ingredie Process. # 9635; Reasonably according to the amount of formulation. # 9635; Control Ingredie Error (Static 0.1% FS Dynamic 0.3% FS) # 9635; Regular File Scale Calibration . Serving Livestock # 9635; Different from the proportion of raw materials, the feed rate is different. The material is used in accordance with different feeding balls of the ball. # 9635; Different ingredie in different ingredie according to the formulation ratio, adding the amount of less than 20 kg (stone powder, amino acid, vitamin, mineral, etc.) to increase the premixing process. Service Animal Husband Service Animal Husbandan, Granular Process – Service Animal Husband # 9635; Ring serving livestock according to the formula selection ring-mold hole diameter, compression ratio. Teaching 2.0-2.2 Compression ratio 1: 4 large pig 3.0 compression ratio 1: 5-6.5. # 9635; Steam Quality Saturated Vapor: Steam Transfer Pipe Insulation, increasing the pressure reducing valve, increasing the hydrophobic valve. # 9635; Controls Open Machine Information Network – Based on Feeds, Serving the Staff in Animal Husbandry After turning the flower, make the finished color match. It is recommended to clean up some, reduce the number of heads and returning the machine, and improve production efficiency. Reflows, stand back to the same formula,Prevent cross contamination.
Conditional enterprises can install hot air sanitation system: blow hot air into the granulation system during shutdown, keep the inside of the equipment dry, prevent the excessive reproduction of pathogenic microorganisms (Salmonella, etc.) in the material, reduce equipment corrosion and increase equipment life.??
Fourth, the cooling process technology
#9635; According to different seasons, formulate different cooling time and cooling air volume.??
#9635; Cooler insulation.
Winter improves the temperature of the environmental air around the cooler. (Air heat exchanger, increase the inlet air temperature of the cooler, reduce the moisture of the cooling material)
On-site large material delivery:
#9635;Irregularly every day, check whether the raw materials put in are correct and whether they are put in according to first-in, first-out.??
#9635; Check whether the raw materials are moldy or deteriorated irregularly every day.??
Small material delivery:
#9635; Double review
#9635; The small material scale is calibrated every 3 days.??
#9635;Irregularly take out and weigh the bag every day to check whether it is equal to the formula weight.??
#9635;Irregularly check whether the formula is consistent with the weighed small ingredie every day.
Warehouse top:
#9635;Irregularly inspect the warehouse roof every day, mainly to check whether there is a phenomenon of collapsing warehouses, and observe the crushing granularity. #9635;Irregularly check whether the finished product grading screen is broken or not.??
#9635; Check the finished product diverter irregularly every day to see if there is a phenomenon of leaking materials.??
5. Formulate a management system to prevent cross-contamination.??
#9635;Scientific planning, neat stacks, proper distances and clear signs, clean and hygienic.
# 9635; Hygiene Inspection and Assessment of Raw Material Vehicles, a Cleanup Process of Unloading Process. # 9635; Small Material Preparation Special Bag is dedicated, a bucket is dedicated, special shovel. # 9635; Small Body Mixer Thoroughly Cleansing Not less than twice a week (inner wall, pitch, pipeline, etc.). # 9635; Different varieties use the same mixing equipment, and should be cleaned on the mixing system when replacing the variety. # 9635; Compliance with no drugs before, there is a drug in the post-principle, fill in the production line cleaning record. # 9635; Reasonable Control Wire Material Drainage Interval. # 9635; Cleaning Taste Notice Fixed Storage, Repair The same variety, and fill in the cleaning materials.

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