Cao Dai Ling: Briefly describe the pretreatment process of the original material in the teaching tank

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The teaching material is the first feed of lactos, from the liquid breast milk to the solid feed, how to make the milk pigs as soon as possible is an important consideration factor for formulation and production of teaching materials. In addition to the formulation, the quality and production management of the raw materials are required to consider, the production process accou for a relatively large proportion, especially the pretreatment process of the original material in the teaching materials. Next, 1 Puffed Technology is the most commonly used raw material in pig feed, the quality of corn in the teaching trough Maize higher than other stage pigs. Puffed corn is a corn form that is often added in the teaching tank. The puffed process is divided into wet expansion and dry puffing, and wet expansion refers to the process of producing fluffy substances from one or more raw materials to produce fluffy substances such as steam pre-regulating, extrusion, puffed, shear and other processes. The biggest difference is that there is no need for a steam regulating process. The difference between the two is the vapor by means of a wet influence or dry puffling during the puffing process. For corn, dry expansion and wet puffing can make puffed corn with sweet taste and promote breast pigs. However, comprehensive consideration, dry expansion is better than the wet expansion, mainly because (1) dry expansion of corn is 160-180 g / L, the gelation can reach more than 95%, the quality is stable; (2) dry method The puffed temperature is higher, and the shear and protein degeneration of the starch are more thorough, the lactal is more easily digested; (3) The moisture content of the dry puffed corn is low, conducive to the prrvation; (4) Dry expansion No steam Therefore, there is no need for boilers and low energy consumption. 2 Microfour Process the pigs are relatively delicate, and hard feed affects the feeding of lactaria, so in production, The large particulate material can be used to formulate the teaching tank. Crushing is the process of hitting, crushing the feedstock, crushed the raw material using a hammer or a roll pulverizer. The pulverization process is divided into ordinary crushing, fine powder and fine powder, which can be different from the animal feeding stage, choose different pulverized particle size, for the lactation pig, the fine powder is the first choice. The fine powder here is a powdery substance of the raw material pulverized particle size in 80 h, in the raw material used in the lactal pig feed, corn, soybean meal is a large particle or flaky raw material, which requires a fine powder, and the micropowder is to let The nutrie in the raw material and the enzyme preparation in the intestine in the animal have the largest contact area to improve the digestive utilization of the raw material. In addition, from the feeding characteristics of the lactary pig, the finer, the more you like to eat. In addition, there will be some other particle size raw materials in the formula, and the appropriate fine powder is required to have a 60 h screen. Only in this way can you make a uniform product. 3 Emulsion Process For the pig farm, adding liquid grease in the formula isA comparative headache problem, because additional grease is needed to add equipment, and the cleaning process of the production line is also cumbersome. The oil powder can solve this problem. It is commonly used in the production of oil powder, and the phospholipid oil, the phospholipid oil is usually used as an emulsifier. Coconut oil, palm oil, animal oil containing saturated fatty acids, while fish oil and soybean oil containing more unsaturated fatty acids, depending on the kind of fatty acids contained in pigs and feed raw materials, select different grease raw materials Formulations in accordance with a certain ratio to meet the need for pigs only for fat. The oil powder production process is grease homogeneous, emulsified process, some varieties of oil, such as coconut oil, animal oil, etc., is relatively low, when the weather is cold, it is easy to make a group, which must be heated, different grease According to the formulation, the ingredient is performed by the automatic batch scale, and the adsorption carrier is mixed, in order to prevent the mixing group phenomenon, the process of pulverization and re-mixing is mixed, and the oil is uniformly distributed in the carrier. 4 Bags Crafts is the key to determining whether the lactarium is food, the pig is more like, for bitter The taste is more sensitive. Even in the big pig, the bitter taste is also unpopular. For mineral eleme that add a proportion of minerals, it will react with vitamins, and chemical reactions thereon between different mineral eleme, thereby reducing the raw material titer. For example, choline is a relatively active vitamin, often destroying the structure of other substances, reducing the value of use. So we can use the package to be treated by the process. The coating is critical to the package material. Suitable package materials can make the raw material different molecules are isolated, reduce the reaction chances between each other, to ensure the content of the product, and reduce the amount of the package to be added, save the formulation cost. is a company specializing in providing personalized nutrition programs for large-scale pig farms, especially in the production of teaching troughs, has puffed, fine powder, fine powder, emulsification, The whole equipment such as coating, and can ensure the freshness and premium of the raw materials, and the improved production management system and inspection process are used to ensure high quality and stable products.

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