Causes and improvement methods of abnormal appearance of particles

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In production, particle feed products sometimes have different degrees of appearance quality defects. The processing defects that often occur in both particulate feed are summarized and analyzed the causes of defects, and various improvement measures are proposed.

1 Particle bending and one side exhibits many cracks 1.1 Cause: This phenomenon is usually generated when the particles leave the ring mold. The reasons are: 1 When the cutter knife opening position is removed from the surface of the pressure roll, the surface of the cutter plane is unreasonably or the cutting region tangential angle is blocked, the particles are cut out from the mold hole. Or tear rather than being cut; 2 The decompression hole is too large. These two situations can cause some particles to bend and exhibit many cracks in one side.

1.2 Improvement Measures: 1 Increase the compression ratio of the ring mode, increase the ring mode, the pressure roller to the compressive force of the material; thereby increasing the density, hardness and strength of the particulate material; 2 increase the pulverization fineness; 3 If the added amount is added to the added amount and improve the dissemination of the glucoshan or oil. To improve the defective feed, prevent the feed loose; 4 adjust the distance and angle of the surface of the cutter and the ring mold; 5 Use a relatively thin cutter (1 to 1.2 mm thick manganese steel sheet performance during production) After wear, it should be worn forward; 6 If necessary, use a binder to improve the bonding force inside the particles; 7 decompression hole diameter and effective aperture diameter difference should be controlled at 0.2 to 0.4 mm.

2 Horizontal crack transverse throughout the entire particles 2.1 Causes: similar to the particle bending appears, the crack occurs in the cross cut surface of the particles, just not bending. It is mainly due to the fact that the fluffy feed granulation of more fibers is contained in which the particles are extruded after the particles are extruded, and the expansion of the fibers produce penetrated cracks. 2 The temperature is low or short, the tuning is insufficient, and the amount of feed is not enough. 3 The adhesive raw material content is too small. 4 is high after conditioning.

2.2 Improvement Measures: 1 Increase the compression ratio of the ring mold, increase the compressive force of the ring mold pressure roller to the material; thereby increasing the density, hardness and strength of the particles; 2 increase the pulverization fineness, make the most Long fiber length does not exceed one-third of the particle size; 3 reduces yield to reduce the speed of the feed through the mold hole, increase the confirmation. 4 Improve the quality of the regulation: extends the temperature, or use a multi-layer massager or a high-efficiency stripper. 5 When the moisture of the powder is too high or contains urea, it is also possible to produce fir-shaped cracks, which should control the added moisture and urea content.

3 Particles Generate Longitudinal Crack 3.1 Generative Cause: 1 The formulation contains fluffy and slightly elastic raw materials, and after the regulating, it is absorbed to expand, and after the ring mold is compressed, the granulation is compressed. The longitudinal crack will be generated due to the effect of moisture and the flexibility of the raw material itself. 2 The ring mode is too low. 3 The temperature is low or short, the injection is insufficient, the feed maturation is notenough. 3.2 Improvement Measures: 1 Adjust the formula if necessary and the formulation cost is allowed. 2 Reduce the moisture of the powder massage with a saturated dry steam. 3 reduce yield or increase compression ratio, extend the feed of feed in a ring mold as much as possible; 4 If necessary, the binder can also reduce the particles to generate longitudinal cracks. 5 Improve the quality of the tuning and striup: long quenching time, or use a multi-layer mass stripper or a high-efficiency massager. 6 Increase the following steps when necessary. 4 particles produce radiation crack 4.1 This appearance is mainly due to the contained particles containing large particles, and these large particles are difficult to absorb the moisture and heat in the water vapor, not When other finer raw materials are softened, while cooling, due to the difference in softening, the difference in shrinkage is caused to generate radiant cracks.

4.2 Improvement measures: 1 control of the pulverization fineness and particle uniformity of the feedstock. 2 makes the injection and mix, so that the components of the raw material can be well uniform. 3 Reduce cooling air volume and prolong the cooling time. 4 Increase the following steps when necessary.

5 Particle surface unevenness 5.1 Cause: The surface irregularities in the feed affect the beauty of the feed, fed into the water, the water resistance of the feed is different, so that the feed is It is broken in a short time. The reason is that the particulate powder contains no pulverized over or semi-large particle feedstock, the tested process is not sufficiently softened, and it cannot be combined with other raw materials when passing the mold hole to make the particles. It seems unevenness. 2 In the raw material after conditioning, there is a steam bubble, and the vapor bubble causes the feed to produce air bubbles during pressing into particles, and when the particles are extruded, the bubble is broken, resulting in bubbles to cause irregularities. Unexpected phenomenon. This kind of feed may occur any feed containing the fiber.

5.2 Improvement Measures: 1 Properly control the fineness of the powder, improve the conditioning effect, so that all raw materials can be sufficiently softened during conditioning. 2 For a larger raw material, it is easy to simmer and vapor bubbles, there is no too much steam in this formulation.

6.1 Generates the reason If the amount of steam is too much, too much steam Free absorption in the fiber or powder, while when the particle extruded ring mold, the surface of the fiber or the particulate material protrudes the surface, forming a mounted, especially in the production of high starch, high When the fiber content is feed, there is too much steam, the more serious the situation.

6.2 Improvement Measures Improve the quality of tuning and stront. High starch, high fiber content feed, should be used (0.1 to 0.2 MPa) low pressure steam. The lower the pressure of the steam, the more the time of condensationShort, it is advantageous to make the moisture from the steam to heat to the feed absorption. If the steam pressure is too high, the pressure-pressed steam enters the mass strip, and the steam does not condense before the temperature drops to 100 ¡ã C. In the feed raw material having some steam reserves after mass-string, when the granulation results, the pulsation particle effects described above, in sumg, pay special attention to the pressure regulation of steam. Also pay attention to improving the quality of the tuning and string to make the added steam are adequately absorbed by the raw material. 7 The color of the individual particles or individual particles is inconsistent, commonly known as “flower”” 7.1 Generating the color uneven color of the feed is easy to make breeding households to doubt. In general

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