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(1) Remove the raw material to the unloading pit with a dump car.

2, the reception of packaging raw materials: two types are divided into manual handling and mechanical reception.
3, the reception of liquid raw materials: bottled, and it can be directly transported by manual handling.
(3), storage of raw materials

There are more state of the material and material in the feed, and various forms of silhouses, silos of the feed mill has silo and room warehouse. Two kinds.

Main raw materials such as corn, high grains, etc. cereal raw materials, good fluidity, not easy to cake, multi-use silo storage, and non-deposited materials such as bran, soybean meal and other powdered raw materials, poor scattering, and store a paragraph It is easy to discharge after the time, and the room storage is used.

Impurities in feed raw materials not only affect the quality of feed products but also directly related to feed processing equipment and personal safety, can cause the entire equipment To damage, affecting the smooth progress of the feed production, there should be timely clear.

The finishing equipment of the feed mill is mainly screening and magnetic selection equipment, screening equipment removes the stone, mud block, sacks, and the magnetic selection equipment mainly remove iron impurities. .
(5), the pulverization of the raw material

The process flow of the feed pulverized is determined according to the requirements of the particle size and feed varieties of feed.

According to the number of raw materials, it can be divided into a pulverization process and a circulating pulverization process or a quadratic pulverization process.

According to the combination of the ingredients, the pulverization process and the first pulverization after the first ingredient.

1, a crushing process:

is the simplest, most common, the most original pulverization process, whether it is a single raw material, mixed raw material, it can be crushed once, press The number of beats can be divided into stand-alone smashing and sizes, and the small feed processing plant uses a single-machine smash, the medium-sized feed processing plant uses two or more crushers, and the disadvantage is that the particle size is uneven, and the power consumption is high.
2, the secondary pulverization process

There are three types of process, namely a single cycle pulverization process, stage pulverization process and tissue pulverization process.
(1) Single circulation secondary pulverization process

After pulverizing the material was sieved, the sieve was refluxed to the original pulverizer again.
(2) Stage Double Crushed Process

The basic setting of the process is to use a variable mill in two sieves. Each graded screen is provided on the two mill. The material is first sieved, and the measuring sieve is directly mixed. Enter the first pulverizer, the pulverized material is re-entered into a hierarchical screen. The material that meets the particle size enters the mixer, and the remaining sieves enter the second pulverizer and pulverize, and then enter the mixer.
(3) Combined secondary pulverization process

This process is used in two pulverizations using different types of pulverizer, and the first use of roller mill, classified screening Then, the sieve entry into the mixer, and the sieve is entered into the hammer pulverizer for the second pulverization.
3, first ingredients after the crushing process

The feed formula is used first and mix, and then enter the pulverizer for pulverization.
4, first crushing the batching process

This process will first pulverize the material to be powdered, and then enter the bunker, and then the ingredients and mixing are performed.

(6) .

1, artificial addition ingredients

Manual control adding ingredients are used in small feed processing plants and feed processing workshops, which is a variety of components that will participate in ingredients. Then, then the material weighing will be touched into the mixer, because all artificial metering, artificial ingredients, the process is extremely simple, the equipment has less investment, the product cost is reduced, the measurement is flexible, accurate, but the artificial operating environment is poor, Large labor intensity, labor productivity is very low, especially after working workers, it is easy to make mistakes.
2, volume ingredients

Configure a volumetric dispenser in each batch warehouse

3, a warehouse, a balance

4, Multi-warehouse measuring

5, multi-warehouse scale ingredient

The measured material is packet according to its physical characteristics or weighing range, each group is equipped with corresponding meter

(7), mixing process

can be divided into batch mixing and continuous mixing

batch mixing is to mix various mixed components according to the ratio of the formulation, The “bulk mixer”” is branched in batches

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