Control method and prevention measures for granulator ring mode installation and quality problems

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Ring model is the key to the granulator, the mounting of the ring mode, the correctness of the use and maintenance, is an important role in improving the efficiency of the granulator and the reduction of the consumption of the lossless parts, and below Correctly installation as follows (see Figure 1):
When working properly, the ring mold (3), the hoop (4) and the drive wheel are fastened by the hoop bolt (5), no Any relative movement. However, in the actual use, due to the reasons for the mounting of the hoop and the drive wheel and the rock mold or the loop bolt, the relative movement is caused, especially the ring mold due to strong extrusion, collision of the pressure roller during operation, causing vibration When severe, the ring mold crack and inner cone holes are worn, thereby further caused the hoop and drive wheel wear to exacerbate, directly affecting production efficiency or even malfunction.
The method and operation steps to prevent the above problems are:
1, the wear of the ring-shaped lining is checked once weekly. Since the processing equipment and process technology levels of each manufacturing manufacturer and the difference in the processing accuracy of the loop mode and drive wheel are selected, the original ring-shaped lining and other accessories should be preferred when selecting a ring-shaped bushing. The bushing is too large to cause the ring mold to naturally hanging, resulting in a ring mold rotation, resulting in a ring mold rotation.
2, check the relevant positions in the figure below each time the hoop bolts are installed, ensuring that there is a gap between each hug and the three positions shown.

3, after 30 minutes of working properly, the shutdown retracted the champion bolt. 4, each time the pressure roller assembly or the ring mode is installed, check the position after the pressure roller is installed, ensuring that the pressure roller is between the two process tanks of the ring mold, otherwise the pad adjustment must be added (adjust the pad installation in pressure The roller shaft and the pressure plate or the spindle are between.
5, after the pressure roller assembly is installed, check the axial gap between the pressure roller and the ring mold, the axial gap is not more than 0.3mm, otherwise the adjustment pad is adjusted.
6, can not use inferior ring molds, the inner wall of the ring mode should be ¡Ü0.20mm, ensuring that the mold roll gap is evenly.

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