Control technology for feed processing quality

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Best Crushing Particle Solution The key is the key to pulverizing various feed raw materials to a particle size suitable for animal utilization, making the matching feed product to obtain maximum feed feeding efficiency and benefits. To achieve this, you must study the best utilization of different animals to different feed materials in different animals. For the aquatic feed, the correct microcarrin and ultrafine pulverization technique must be used. Control technology of ingredient accuracy uses no error-free computer ingredient control technology, making the ingredie of each ingredient component to achieve precise control in each ingredient. Pre-matching premixing and high precision microfibrating systems for micro additives. Mixed uniform control technology includes mixing uniformity control techniques for mixing feed, concentrated feed, additive premixed feed, liquid feed. Choosing the appropriate mixer and the appropriate mixing time and method are the key to ensuring the mixing quality. Granulated quality control technology first is to control the quality of the feed of the feed, that is, the temperature, time, moisture addition and starch of the regulatory quasiometry is the most suitable for granulation after the conditioned condition; the second is to Control hard particulate feed powder, cooling temperature, moisture, uniformity, consistency, and water resistance. To achieve th requireme, you must equip the reasonable steam steam and control system and conditioning, granulation, cooling, screening equipment, and scientifically adjust the control parameters according to different requireme of the product. The quality control technology of the puffed particulate feed or expansion feed is first to control the temperature of the feed, that is, the temperature, time, moisture addition, and starch of the regulatory quasiometry is controlled, so that the state is most suitable for extrusion or Expansion; the second is to control the ripeness, density, powdering rate, cooling temperature and moisture of the puffed particulate feed, the uniformity, consistency and water resistance of the particles. To achieve th requireme, a reasonable steam steam and control system and conditioning, extrusion, expansion, dry, cooling, screening equipment, and scientifically adjust the control parameters according to different requireme of the product, and obtain customer satisfaction products. The quality control technology of liquid added With the continuous development of feed processing technology, many additives are added to the form of powder, granular and puffed feed to maximize the activity of th additives, and reduce feed costs. In this regard, one is to achieve precise control of liquid additive; second, it is necessary to achieve uniform distribution or coating of liquid in the feed; the third is to ensure the stability or titer period after spraying of liquid additives. This high-performance atmospheric liquid spraying equipment, vacuum spraying equipment and control technology are technically guaranteed. Survey of feed cross-contamination control technology feeds with cross-contaminated places: leaks in the storage process; residue in transportation equipment leads to cross-pollution between different products; bunks, residues in the bucket leading to cross pollution; processing Cross contamination caused by residues in the equipment; cross-contamination caused by harmful microorganisms and insects. Therefore, there is a need to a t unsseeding transportation equipment, silo, processing equipment and correct cleaning, sorting, rinsing and other technologies and independent production lines to meet the increasingly high feed safety health requireme..Cleaning Hygienic Feed Quality Control Technology This control technology includes cross-contaminated control techniques, including the necessary heat treatment sterilization techniques for feed.Heat treatment includes technologies such as high temperature cooking, extrusion, high pressure treatment, and ultrolet irradiation.Th techniques can usually be used in conjunction with ordinary processing techniques, or separately.The key to packaging quality control technology This technology is the key: First, choose the correct packaging material; the other is to achieve accurate packaging metering; the third is to match the correct product description.

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