Correct operation and fault treatment of feed crusher

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The operation procedure of the feed crusher reading to buy a good feed crusher, if you don’t use it correctly, you will not only shorten the life of the feed crusher, but also affect Work efficiency, resulting in a half of the effort. 1, Crushing Machine Work, should be fixed on the cement. If it is often changed, the pulverizer and the motor are mounted on the base made of angitroid, if the pulverizer dil is powered, the power of the two should be matched, that is, the dil power is slightly greater than the power of the pulverizer, and makes both The belt wheel is consistent, and the outer end of the pulley is on the same plane. Serving Livestock 2, after installation, check the fastening of each tight firmware, if there is loose, it must be tightened. Serving Livestock 3, check whether the leather belt looseness is appropriate, whether the motor shaft and the crushing shaft are parallel. 4, the pulverizer starts before starting the rotor, check if the jug, hammer and rotor operation are flexible and reliable, there is no collision in the shell, the rotor’s rotation Whether it is consistent with the direction of the arrow on the machine, whether the motor and powder are lubricated. Serving Livestock 5, don’t just replace the pulley, to prevent the transition chamber to cause explosion, or the speed is too low. 6, the Crushed Terrace is started for 2-3 minutes, no abnormal phenomenon, then press the work. 7. At any time, pay attention to the operation of the pulverizer, the feed should be uniform, to prevent blocking bullies, do not have a long time overload. If there is a vibration, noise, the bearing and the body temperature is too high, the outer spray, etc., should be immediately stopped, and the fault can continue to work. 8, smashing materials should be carefully examined, so as not to cause accide in crushing rooms such as copper, iron, stone. 9. The operators do not wear gloves. When feeding, they should stand on the side of the pulverizer to prevent rebound debris. 10, when blocking, it is strictly forbidden to use hands, wooden sticks to feed or drag the feed. Crusher Treatment Method Machine is one of the main equipment of the feed factory, and the mill is operated. The reliability direct production efficiency and the normal operation of the rear process, therefore, maintenance and manipulative people learn the common faults of the pulverizer system, and exclude in the short term, and restore production as soon as possible. Crusher systems mainly include pulverizing machines and electric motors. Corresponding fault can be dividedFor mechanical failures and electrical failure. Hereinafter, failures such as mechanical failure and vibration, bearing fever and pulverizing machine are analyzed. 1, Vibration Crusher Generally coupled with a motor directly coupled, which is simple, easy to repair. But if both in the assembly process cannot be well connected, it will cause overall vibration of the pulverizer. (1) Motor Rotor and Crusher Rotor Different Hearts. Left, right mobile motor position, or padding under the bottom of the motor to adjust the concentricity of the two rotors. (2) Crusher Rotor Different Hearts. The reason is that the two support surfaces of the rotor shaft are not in the same plane. Copper cushion on the bottom surface of the bearing seat, or the adjustable wedge iron is increased at the bottom of the bearing, and 2 axis heads are concentric. (3) The fragmented chamber is large. The reason is that the coupling and the flat hammers inside the rotor are not uniform. (4) The original balance was destroyed. After the motor is repaired, the balance test is required to ensure the overall matching. (5) The ground bolt of the crusher system is loose or foundation, and when packaging or maintenance, the foot bolt should be evenly fastened, in the ground foundation and crushing Between the machine, it is necessary to install the shock absorbing device and reduce vibration. 1/2 1 2 Next Last page

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