Cottonseed cake decomposed treatment

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1. Improved the residual amount of the residual amount of cottonol in the oil process cottonseed cakes and the impact of the processing conditions, wet heat treatment, press, tear, and some of the water-mounted organic solvent extraction during the oil production process. The cottonseed pyrocarin gland can be destroyed, and free cottonol can be released directly with cottonseed oil. Wet heat treatment causes the activated group of free cottonol to combine free amino groups in the protein or free amino acid to form binding cottonol, thereby causing less lysine in the cottonseed cake. In order to eliminate the variety of free cottonols in the oil production process, the variety of cottonseed cake proteins is taken, that is, the push-shaped immersion method is taken, that is, the pads are mildly steamed (the steam temperature is low, and the binding of cottonol is small, lysine Less loss), most of the cottonseed oil is extracted with automatic spiral press (most free cotton pallow with cotton seeds), and then remove the remaining cottonseed oil from the oil with an organic solvent. Therefore, this oil-proof process can achieve full purity of free cotton, and maintain the nutritional value of cottonseed cake. 2. Add sulfate decoxification of ferrous sulfate in the vapor step of the cottonseed fluid, adding an atomized sulfate solution, and can obtain detoxification cottonseed oil and cake. Dechaustive principles of ferrous sulfate in ferrous sulfate can be combined with free cotton phenol to lift the activated aldehyde group and hydroxyl group in free cotton. The binding of ferrite and free cotton is equimolar, but since the binding of iron ions and free cottonol is affected by factors such as pulverization, mixing uniformity, the proportion of Fe2 + and free cottonol is generally higher than 1: 1 to ensure the adequate binding of Fe2 + and free cotton. However, the iron should not be too high. It is generally considered that the total amount of iron ions in the diet shall not exceed 500 mg / kg. Therefore, feeding detoxification cotton seed meal and high quality oil can be obtained. 3. Duffinated Decoxification do tic and foreign has information, cottonseed cakes are detoxified by puffing, and the free cotton quantity of its products is reduced to safety standards. Table 5-10 is a factory in China, with a spiral crush of cottonseed cakes, and the effect of detoxification treatment is performed with a swivel machine. It can be seen that the addition or does not add a deterotoxic agent, and the puffed effect has a significant difference. The effect of adding deadoxifier is remarkable. For the cottonseed cake, the cotton phenol content is 0.08% or less, which may not be defective, 50% to 60%; in 0.08% or more, can be added to the decoxification agent before puffing, the detoxification rate can 60% ~ 90% or higher. Both can achieve safety feeding standards. Since the puffed time is short, the nutrient loss is small. 4. Solid-state fermentation detoxification physicochemical methods have certain disadvantages, such as high degreasing rate, complex equipment, high cost, and reduce nutritional value in cottonseed cake. Therefore, there is a way to seek a simple method, high efficiency, process and equipment. The microbial detoxification method is to use the microbial fermentation process to evachastly with the conversion of cottonols and degradation. This method can be produced rapidly and increases the nutritional value of cottonseed cake after fermentation. The microbial detoxification rate reached more than 65%, and the total dose rate of cottonseed cake reached more than 78%, and the total detoxification rate of cotton cake was 85% ~ 90.%.The free cotton fluts in cottonseed cakes in the microorganism decreased below 0.01%, and the predetermined safety standards were reached, and they can be used directly as livestock feed.Microbial detoxification treatment is relatively mild, and does not destroy the original nutrie, but in detoxification, it is produced into bacterial proteins and vitamins.The amino acids containing amino acids in the bacterial protein are highly lysine and methionine content.In addition, the fungi fermentation can also produce fragrance, improve the right level.This is the main point in which the microbial fermentation method is superior to other physical and chemical methods.The body is completely separated, and the amount of free cotton phenol in this cake is low, but the technical equipment and cost requireme are higher.

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