Cow crude feed processing method

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The thick part of the lower part of the straw should be cut, and the upper portion of the straw can be cut into a straw section of 3-4 cm long, and the feeding effect is best. The daily feeding is about 2% lower than the hay.
After pulverizing straw, mix with fine feed, increase the feeding capacity, and increase the digestibility. Crush crude feed can accelerate feed emptying speed and increase the amount of feed. However, smashing the crude feed or cut the crude feed, chewing and ruminance time, saliva secretion, feed time in rumen, crude feed digestion rate, tumorine and propionic acid ratio and pH, cream rate, etc. Not conducive to cows healthy and milk. Long-coated feed can maintain the structure layer of rumen content, stimulate rumen peristalsis, ruminance and saliva secretion, so at least 1/3 of long-coated feed (2-5 cm) in the diet. Soak the chopped crude feed or the shell water sprinkle or soaked in 0.2% brine, after 24 hours, so that the quality is soft, mixed with the m ure, the bran, and can change the margin, improve the feeding capacity. Alkalization treatment is to cut straw into 3-4 cm long, uniformly spray 1.6% sodium hydroxide solution on straw, so that moist, after a few days, take out direct feed. Calcification method uses 1% raw lime or 3% cooked stone gray milk, approximately 100 kg of lime milk can be 8-10 kg straw, and directly feed the cattle 12-24 hours. Or take 100 kilograms of sliced straw, mix with 3 kg of lime or 4 kilograms of cooked lime mixed with 0.5-1.0 kg of food and water 200-250 kg, mix it, place it on flat or on the wooden board 24-36 hours, directly Feed cattle. The ammonia treatment is anhydrous ammonia treatment, and the water content of straw is adjusted to 30% -40%, add plastic es at 0.5 meters high, and is used in an ammonia water. The straw is sealed with a thickness of 0.5 mm plastic film, and the time varies depending on the ambient temperature. The temperature is sealed for 2-4 weeks at 2 ¡ã C. After the opening, the ammonia flavor disappears. The second is ammonia water treatment, and the short straw in the pool () is pushed, and the ratio of straw weight 1: 1 is sprayed into 3% concentrated ammonia water in the label, filled with the pool, covered with the film, and seals. The sealing time is fixed by ambient temperature. It takes 8 weeks when less than 5 ¡ã C, 5-15 ¡ã C to take 4-8 weeks, 15-30 ¡ã C for 1-4 weeks, 1 week above 30 ¡ã C. Then open the straw to feed. Feed ammonia treatment can increase the protein content of the crude feed by 4% to 6%, an average annual increase of 16% to 60% per day, and the abdominal retention rate can be improved. A disadvantage is that the amount of ammonia loss is large, about 2/3 ammonia remaining after the opening.

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