Currently, domestic pig farms raise pig equipment status

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At present, the pigbar equipment of individual farmers and small-scale farms has their own black tube welding. It is short-term, which will not exceed 2-5 years. The process is not scientific, resulting in low efficiency of pig pigs. Primary level; because of the purchase of high quality pigbers, a large amount of money is required, most of the small-scale pig farms can’t afford the advanced high-quality pig equipment, only some large-scale fields, especially some large groups. The new construction site can afford this fund to purchase advanced farming equipment, but many companies’ procurement person in charge is not very understanding of pig craftsmanship, and do not understand the process requirements of the equipment, but can only stay in On the material of the material or the price of the complete equipment, the equipment such as the selected equipment has brought a certain loss to the company.
In turn, some domestic pig bar equipment manufacturers strictly said that the processing plant is processed, according to the drawing, no her own process standards, and there is no technical support of pig experts, so the components of the steel pipe of the product are greater than the process. The ingredients, such as a simple positioning bar is very beautiful, but there are many unreasonable in front of the front and rear doors, it is not convenient to install, the opening and closing will take a long time, which is not conducive to the operation of the breeder, pig production workers. Wasted too much time in physical strength, and crowded for management time, which affects production efficiency. So it is precisely that some equipment manufacturers are doing steel pipe business, not considering how to reflect the purpose of plant breeding.
In our past 10 years, we have visited a lot of European and American farming equipment manufacturers and pig companies. I saw the development of China’s pig equipment is a great potential market. Some equipment manufacturers in foreign manufacturers have agents in China. Companies, their products are mature, high process content, high added value, currently entering large pig farms, they are selling technologies rather than equipment. Because high prices are difficult to develop long-term, it is also difficult to promote, and we are currently for China’s pig industry better and faster development, all-round analysis and research on the advanced process requirements and material requirements of pig bar. Unity, produce advanced high-quality pigbers suitable for China pig enterprises, currently being promoted in the domestic pig farm.
In the face of such market conditions, how to improve the level of process of the product? We can’t close the door, we all learn from foreign advanced technology, combined with our domestic advanced processing technology and powerful production capacity, then we use the flexible form of cooperation, joint venture, digestion and absorption, improve our product level, our research and development Digestion and absorption, improve innovation, unified standards.
In response to the current situation of my country’s pig industry, we should use the post-development advantage, integrate the world equipment resources, plan and design modern pig farm projects, and encourage companies to provide customers with turnkey projects, save investment, improve efficiency, and make modern equipment Promote the overall equipment industry and the pig industry synchronous harmonious development.

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