Determination of mass regulation and its impact on granulation performance

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Abstract: Water, heat and time are three important parameters affecting the tuning, the temperature, the temperature of the temperature, and the quality of the tuning, and the efficient tuning is to ensure high-quality particle feed. condition. Service Livestock Keywords: Temperature; Water; Heat; Temperature; Fullness; Starch Degradation 1 Tempse Three Eleme is a water-heat treatment process before the feed grain, improves the quality of particles, improves the water resistance of particle feed, and improves the nutrient-digestive absorption rate of feed, and reduces molding energy consumption. In terms of killing harmful bacteria, it plays an important role. Do tic and foreign rarch shows that as one of the important factors of particle feed quality, it has a crucial position in the overall quality of particle feed. With the improvement of the quality requireme of particle feed, each feed processing enterprise is increasingly attaches importance to the tuning steps in the feed processing, and the improvement or upgrading of the teshering equipment is what they currently improve the quality of granular feed products and improve market competitiveness. one. the service livestock temper is that the feed is used under the conditions of steam and maintains a certain period of time, that is, the raw materials are rawfully determined. Water, heat and time are three important parameters that the starch is required to become gelatinated into gelatinous starch. Steam is added during the tuning and stamper, which increases the moisture and temperature of the feed, and simultaneously regulates a certain amount of time, thereby satisfying the necessary conditions of the starch. A sufficient temperament can increase the gelation of starch in the product. The hydrothermal effect during the tuning and temperance also promotes the protein in the raw material to be thermally reactemed. Determinant proteins are easily enzymatic, thereby improving the protein of the feed.

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