Development of fish feed processing equipment

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The synchronous development of aquaculture industry and modern mechanization equipment is a system engineering. This paper mainly introduces the modern development direction of fishing machinery and fish feed processing equipment. [1 Practice has proved that the fishing industry has a significant increase in increasing production and income effects in mechanization and modernization. From today’s world aquaculture industry, current agriculturally raised fish, animal husbandry fishing and industrial fishing have formed computer structure, agriculturalization and animal husbandry fish have widely used industrial production seedling and parents, only Three combination can only form a complete aquaculture system.
1. Agricultural fishing machinery and equipment, agricultural fishing, including precise and semi-cultivation such as fish and beach breeding in pond, river ditch, lakes and reservoirs. Traditional pond fish has been more than 3,000 years in China. In the 1960s, the highest mu yield was about 400 kg. After the 1980s, due to the successful supporting pond fishing mechanization equipment, the pond fish has entered the era of mechanized fishing fish, and the output has increased. Its equipment is mainly used in pond, drain, oxygen, oxygen, dredging, fertilization, water quality improvement, fish disease prevention, feed processing and wintering.
2. Husbandry fishing machinery, animal husbandry, fish, including artificial discharge, resource proliferation, raft farming, natural protection, fence farming, inducing aquaculture, artificial reef and ecological breeding. Modern animal husbandry fishing machinery and equipment mainly include: seedling breeding facilities, cage farming equipment, artificial reef, water landscaping and harvesting machinery, mobile boxes and farming boats, underwater detection and monitoring, marine culture platform, farming Bet an oxygen ship, a physicochemical fence equipment, a rope net manufacturing machinery and fence construction machinery.
3. Industrialized fishing machinery and equipment industrially raised fish, including warm flow, cold fish, cold flow water fish, electric plant waste heat, mechanized high-density fish, factory fully enclosed circulating water fish, fish Vegetables, flow fishing plants, etc. Modern industrial fishing has mainly: drainage system, computer and fish vegetable system, oxygenation system, water quality monitoring system, water disinfection system, feedback to the feeding system, computer management and international networking system, temperature control system, sewage and pollution Computer system and power distribution system, etc.
Now, the development of various farming regions in my country is not balanced. Most still use traditional agricultural breeding, and it is necessary to develop rapidly in the future.
Second, fish feed processing equipment
The world’s main fish feed processing equipment mainly:
1. The particle feed ripening equipment is not immediately spread in water in the water, generally on the hard particulate feeder. The steam maturity means increases the feed to the bonding.
2. Puffed feed processing equipment to develop new feed sources, porcine hair, feathers, poultry feeding, toxins such as cotton seed phenol, cotton seed cake, etc..
3. Particle feed coating device is a qualitative time to extend the particulate feed in the water, generally adding a spray film apparatus at the outlet of the particle feeder, but since the particle water is high, the water content of the finished product is greater than 16%, should be first Spray it after drying.
4. Fresh soft particle feed processed equipment The fresh feed is made into paste, mixed into other powdered feed, processed into fresh soft particles to keep the active substance of the live bait.
5. One-step particulate feed processed equipment This equipment does not require water steam during processing, dry out. When the water content of the raw material is less than 12%, the water content of the product is less than 10.2%, and it is not necessary to dry.
6. Pre-departure, granular feed processing, its products, its products are recommended for shrimp granules, it does not disintegrate after water, and it can be floated in water, which can reduce pollution to the water and save feed.
7. Although normal temperature, normal pressure floating particulate feed processing equipment This equipment does not have to warm the facility, and the particulate feed processed under normal temperature is also “immediately floating””

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