Development trend of feed machinery equipment

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In recent years, the development of the feed machinery industry can be described as a new month, and it is technically a breakthrough. It is also actively taking measures for fierce market competition, and it is constantly updated. At present, with the development of feed processing enterprises, large-scale feed processing equipment will be developed and mechanized, and the degree of self-temperatureness will be further improved. Feed Machinery Manufacturing Enterprises are only reducing production costs and management costs through the expansion of sales, and can improve efficiency and survive. Otherwise, it will be eliminated by the market. Overall, improve the single-machine automation and automatic control level of the complete set of equipment is the weight of the development of the feed machinery manufacturing industry. The specific details are embodied in several aspects:
1. Feed pulverizer
Feed pulverizer requires further breakthrough in crusher load control technology to achieve complete simulation of each working state of the pulverizer. Strive to develop a safe and reliable automatic shift mechanism, so that the pulverizer implements automatic shift in the case of non-stop, reducing downtime. It is necessary to facilitate the production of different materials and improve efficiency. It is possible to improve the troubleshooting speed when the screen is damaged. Feed Machinery Manufacturing Enterprises The research on crusher sieve institutions should be more in-depth, and research on vibration screen technology, crusher self-cleaned institutions should also be strengthened.
2, feed mixer
The current most important job is: Further more and more research on the detection of the uniformity of the feed mixer, automatic detection of the leakage, and the automatic cleaning of the mixed automatic cleaning. .
3, feed pellet machine
The development direction of the particle machine is to focus on the following aspects: (1) Tempance speed control, to study the control technology of material mass transfer time, such as different materials, adjustment Automatic adjustment of the inclination, changing the stock time of the material in the striupter or automatic adjustment by the injection of the injection wheel, etc .; (2) the particulate pressing chamber of the particulate machine, to develop the electric press roll, Ring-mode gap dynamic automatic adjustment mechanism, reduce downtime adjustment time and labor intensity, improve work efficiency and roller, mode life; (3) Access to feed powder powder from the particle machine, to achieve timely control, speed feedback Speed, improve product quality.
There are two points worth reminding feed mechanical manufacturing enterprises: thermal treatment processing technology and liquid spraying techniques in feed production trend. From the development of the current feed industry, the maturation processing technology represented by puffing / expansion is gradually become a new trend. The application of puffed / expansion technology in my country’s feed industry is still in its infancy, but with the in-depth study of related processes and equipment, it will have to pay more attention to people, and become the most developed feed processing technology. This will also become an essential process in feed production in feed production – because more and more thermal processing equipment in feed mills can cause temperature during granulation, extrusion and puffing. , Pressure, moistureUsing, destroying thermal nutrients such as vitamins, enzyme preparations, and other additives, while post-spraying technology is to solve this problem new technology!
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