Discussion on the powder of the pig feed raw material

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In recent years, the study of the best pulverization of different livestock feed materials has caused great attention from animal husbandry workers. Currently, there is many reports in scientific publications on accurate regulatory particle size to accurately regulate feed raw materials. Therefore, the article summarizes the current some valuable rarch materials, hoping to provide readers to provide some relevant basic knowledge, so that readers understand this problem current rarch progress and future development trend. First, simply review the reason for the particle size of feed raw materials. Advantages of raw materials: 1) Make some raw materials with high stems or high fiber content facilitate processing. 2) Improves Mixing Uniformity. 3) Prepare for subsequent processing processes such as granulation or puffing. Serving Livestock 4) Improve feed digestibility by increasing contact with digestive enzy . 5) cater to consumers’ preferences. Service Animal Shepherd American Agricultural Engineer Association (1968) a ts Headley, the method of evaluating particle size, which can be calculated by measuring the proportion of feed feed materials by standard sieve The average particle size, geometric standard deviation and particle surface area. The American Dairy Society (1970) also uses this set of evaluation methods. The application of this evaluation method is greatly facilitating intercourse between the animal, nutritionist and feed enterprises, because this method is a comparative raw material different crushing process and the evaluation of crushing particle size on livestock production. The whole provides a unified standard. 1 Livestock Production Performance Currently, the rarch content in this field is mainly concentrated on the nutrition of pigs, but the article on the granularity for production performance The exploration of the mechanism of action is not limited to pigs. The effect of particle size on feed utilization is not only depends on the type of raw material, but also on the growth stage of livestock. Compared to adult livestock, young livestock has more thorough chews on food, so the comminution of adult pigs does not have to achieve recommendations. There is also a trial that reduces the production performance of the animal without considering age factors. In the study of the effects of sorghum crushing particle size on fatfilling pigs, the sorghum was pulverized by the hammer pulverizer after drying and drying drying, using a standard sieve of 6.4 and 3.2 MNL, respectively, Particles hng an average particle diameter of 1 262, 802 and 471 gara, digestion test on the fatty pig mounted on the mounting of the intestinal fistula. The measurement results of the apparent digestion rate of the ileum end and the whole digestion showed that the pulverization of sorghum can significantly increase the apparent digestibility of dry matter, carbohydrate, energy and nitrogen (see Table 1). ChinaFeed industry information network OHH, etc., two different particle size of corn and high-rated piglets processed by drum crusher and hammer pulverizer, respectively. During the machining process, the drum type pulverizer was pulverized to corn and sorghum, and the hammer pulverization machine was mounted 6.4 and 3.2 mm sieves, and it was visible from Table 2, and the drum type pulverized The average particle diameter of the finely pulverized raw material is similar to the machining particle diameter of the hammer pulverizer mounting 6.4 mm sieve. However, the geometric standard deviation of the cylinder pulverizer crushing particle size is smaller than the hammer slice pulverizer, and the resulting dust (particles hng a particle size of less than 145) are also less. In the feeding test, the effect of cereal type, processing method and particle size on the production performance of piglets is shown in Table 3. Among them, the average daily quality is not affected by th three factors; however, as the particle size increases, piglets are improved; the cereals processed by roller milling machines have also improved compared with the hammer pulverizer. Food; the lowest seasoning is the corn and sorghum processing of a hammer mill mounting 3.2 mm sieves. At the same time, the dust rate of th two grains has the highest dust, and the test results show that the grades are Poor polarity is poor. the results of the service livestock test show that the decrease in the particle size of the diet will increase the feed utilization (P lt; 0.05), and the digestibility of dry matter, nitrogen and energy is also improved (see Table 4 And Table 5). The experimental verification of the predecessor’s rarch conclusions on reducing feed particle size will increase the digestibility of nutrie, which may be: Since fine pulverization can improve the number of feed particles, and increase the activity of digestive enzyme by increasing the effective area of digestive enzyme contact . Service Animal Husband has been confirmed that feed fine pulverization can improve the production performance of livestock, but excessive crushing will also reduce the preferentiality. Studies have shown that the feed excessive pulverization increases the incidence of homotomy ulcers. For fertilized pigs with shorter feeding cycles, this problem has little effect, but for breeding pigs, the impact is more affected. From Management Perspective, the cereals will excessively pulverize excessive dust during processing, leading to excessive pulmonary inhalation or eye stimulation. At the same time, excessive crushing can also cause feed arches in the feeder and storage bin. 1/2 1 2 Next Last

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