Domestic animal husbandry machinery product quality level low reasons

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my country’s pasture machinery products have been inspected throughout the line, and some quality issues were exposed. In this regard, the experts believe that the current quality level of livestock mechanical products in my country has the following aspects. At present, the investment of grassland animal husbandry has always been serious. Relative support is slowed down, making many pasture machinery manufacturing companies have transformed or discontinued production or discontinued, and the gap between technology, manufacturing methods, crafts, etc. in developed countries such as Europe and the United States. The ability and level further bridges the distance. If the product quality of the existing pasture machinery manufacturing enterprises is low, there are many faults, and the reliability is poor. The reciprocating mower is designed for a long time, which is less than 80% reliability. Foreign § murderous scratch work 400 hectares, the breakdown rate is only about 4%, and my country’s products are about 25% of the same work. In the same operation, the workload of our pasture pickup stickers is half the same as the foreign similar models. There is a problem: the product variety is incomplete, and the complete set is poor. There are 13 varieties of the United States, the company’s pasture machinery, 49 models; New Nalan is currently producing 25 varieties, only 21 models of the pastures, can choose from users of various operating systems. my country’s pasture harvesting machinery is initially formed on the basis of introduction and digestion, and the second pressurized packaging operation process system is initially formed, but most of the operation machines is a single model, each operation process The tool and power matching are poor, and the user cannot choose the right machine according to its own business scale, and the equipment is not high. Product technology is low. The high and low technology level of pasture machinery is one of the important signs of the overall science and technology level of the industry. During a period of time, due to the serious insufficient funds, the vigorous force, research and development capabilities of technology innovation, and the steps of technology imitation are even paused. Most of my country ‘s own pasture machinery is foreign in the 1980s or previous technical level, and there is basically no big improvement and innovation for more than 20 years. Lack of after-sales service systems. After implementing the grassroots and domestic production responsibility system, the individual operators of the family units on animal husbandry machinery is relatively weak, and the original technical promotion system does not exist in many places. At the same time, many new technologies, the promotion and application of new products has no smooth output channels; sales of products, after-sales service, no timely user information feedback, resulting in supply and demand. Experts have analyzed that there are many reasons for the low quality level of animal husbandry, but lack of capital investment and talented shortages are the key to the low level of R D capabilities and production manufacturing process.

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