Dry goods: analysis of the production equipment cleaning problem of feed mill

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Equipment cleaning is a more headache in the feed factory, especially for the manufacture of a busy production task. But if this problem is ignored, the feed product will not guarantee long-term quality stability. For Northern Northern Dynasties, many products are high oil content, and once problems have a serious consequences. Service Animal Husband In fact, almost all equipment need to be cleaned after a period of use, and some need to clean up, and some need to clean inside and outside. What we talk about here is that the part of the quality of the product is mainly concentrated inside the equipment. the internal do tic animal husbandry equipment is inside the animal husbandry equipment, so I don’t know what the situation is, I don’t pay attention to the examination, often overlook. If the production management department does not have a practical cleaning plan and perseverance, the equipment cleanup work tends to end the tag of the tiger. It is understood that some companies don’t even know how the equipment is cleaned because there is no professional management personnel. Service Animal Herder In this article . 1 Mixer Cleanup the service livestock mixer will have a layer of material after a period of use, if the oil content is high, often A thick layer of material is accumulated in a shift, and some mixers are in addition to liquid anti-mold sprinklers, liquid methionine head, so the inner walls, nozzles, axles and blades On the door, it will be placed on the switch gate. Therefore, the general feed mill is cleaned up after the work is over, and the power is turned off before cleaning, and the cleansters will lock the knife, the key is placed in their own pockets, and the tools that are specially made will stick to the inner wall, nozzles, paddle On the leaf, the material on the shaft scrapes, after cleaning, open the mixer warehouse, and clean the door and seals all clean. The material cleaned up on the same day can be refunded according to the product management. If the time is too long, the odor, mildew material, can not return, and scrapped. Some mixers are relatively large, and people need to enter the way. The safety work is especially important. In addition to the lock, there must be a special person to see the e. Clean up the person who enters the mixer is responsible for opening the power box door. Mixer Cleanup Frequency: 1 ~ 3D Cleanup is appropriate. 2 Granulation System Clean up Field System is made of granulator, cooler, crusher and grading sieve, the most It is necessary to cleanly cleaned the granulator’s modulator portion and granulant portion. Because steam enters the above parts and feed, the moisture of the feed will be increased.The heat and viscosity are easily adhered to the inner wall of the modulator, the shaft, the blades, the granulation chamber structure is complicated, and there is almost everything, the granulator modulator is more difficult to open, so the frequency of cleaning is generally not high. The modulator such as feed factory is broken and removed. In order to ensure product quality, the author believes that it is appropriate to clean up every week for half a month. If it is closed for a long time, it should be opened to prevent the adhesive feed mildew, and the granulation cty should be completely cleaned up after the end of each shift. When the variety is adjusted, if the two varieties have cross-contaminated, it must be cleaned up. The next variety. After the granulation is over, the cooler is emptied, picking up one person from the hole, cleaned the wipes of the wise on the four corners and sieve plates, wakes the four walls; Remove. The crusher is easy to generate. 3 Permanent Covered Service Animalum Permanent Slots is a magnetic substance, such as iron. Iron filings have an effect on feed varieties and is harmful to equipment. It may cause damage to the equipment without timely cleaning, and it may also affect the passability of the feed, causing blockage. It is recommended to clean up once after each class. The impurity moral part of the permanent capsule cleaned is a waste treatment. 4 Chief Clean Sieve, Finished Sintering Sieves, Cleanup in Sieve, Finished Sintering Sifper Clean up, deplete, graded, is easy to block. In particular, the primary cleaning sieve, when the mass is large, it is easier to block, and it needs to be cleaned in time. Generally, the above screen is opened, and the rope head, impurities, hard blocks in the inside are cleaned, and the screen is clean, the screen is not blocked. The materials cleaned out should be treated according to the actual situation, and some can be utilized. 5 Pulse Bag Dust Removal Adsorption is delivered to the surface of the bag or the counterfeiter to the silo or bag, and after operation, the inner wall or outer wall of the bag will accumulate a thick layer of dust (more severe pulse is not enough or when it is failed), it is recommended to open the end of each class. Door, clean up with wooden sticks, compressed air. The cyclone dust collector is not easy to open, observe the glass observation hole every day, whether it is blocked, whether the dust is not turned, if the above problem occurs, it takes timely manipulation, the extension is cleaned, and the brakes are gently knocking with the rubber. The body, the material of the inner wall of the backlapsed cylinder. Under normal circumstances, the dust part of the brake dragon can be used, and the mold deterioration is required. Hand Warehouse Treatment , including cylindrical steel warehouse, room dispersion bin, To be pulverized, distribution bin, ready to grain, finished warehouse, buffering warehouse, etc. Cleaning requireme are also different. Serving Animal Shepherd Steel Sheet, Room Cang, Spattern, General Storage Maize, Wheat, Soybean Meal and other granular raw materials, the new bonding is used, to enter the silo Screws, mixed strips, cement blocks, etc. in the cement basis, mixed strip, cement blocks, etc. Cable can be stored. During use, the regular air warehouse is used to check whether the circular silo is leaking, clean the deadcomcatal, cake, mildew, clean and then load new raw materials. Cleaning frequency is 1-2 months. Serving Animal Sciences to be smashed, allocated, ready to grain, the finished warehouse is generally in the workshop, most of which are steel sheet welding assembled, square, so in the corner The upper part of the cone, the angle iron, the rivet will be tested, some silhouses have more accumulated, this part is not flowing, posted on the wall, some pla use high-moisture raw materials, and the hot gas At the top of the silo, the dust in the adsorption silo is often thick and difficult to find, and the mildew after mildewold is causing attention. All of the silhouses should be checked frequently. If necessary, the space bin is cleaned, and the empty warehouse is cleaned. It is recommended to use a compressed air machine to be tied to the adapable bamboo pole or other sizes to purge the consummetic air, and then open the scraper or The strap cleans the disabate, then use fresh raw materials to wash the position, clean up the materials and washstals can be utilized according to the opinions of the supplier. 7 Elevator Transfer Equipment Cleanup Machine Bases will have some material accumulation, self-cleaning machine base There are more, the square base is more than, so it should be cleaned up every other time. It is recommended that corn, wheat original grain hoist is cleaned once every week, and the powder raw materials are cleaned once every day, and the products that cannot be cross-contaminated every variety cleaning. once. the bottom of the livestock level and the bottom of the vertical conveyor, there is a unclear material on the e wall, but the above equipment is normal, the material is flowing, only two heads will not flow The cleaning time interval can be longer, clean each month. Wash the warehouse during normal replacement, or it can be treated in the form of a head tail. The e wall can be knocked with a rubber hammer or blown down with compressed air. 8 Releases the end of the should be cleaned, all entered the down process, stick it on the fence, pipe wall , Give birth to the material, every time you have timeClean it clean, you can clean it once a day, at least 3D once. 9 Liquid Add Equipment Cleanup Tank, Sugar Irrigation, Liquid Fragrance Different Springs, Pump Filters, nozzles, etc. should be performed regularly, oil, molasses, liquid methionine and other raw materials are relatively easy to deteriorate, so it is necessary to clean up at a certain period of time, according to the characteristics of these raw materials, the degree of impact on these raw materials, etc. The cleaning plan is very important. It is recommended that liquid adds irrigation, slots and pipes, pumps, etc. every 3 months every 3 months, and cleaning every 1-2 months in the second quarter. The cleaning of the oil tank is relatively difficult. If necessary, use hot water and detergent, peri-alkali cleaning, molasses, liquid methionine, and liquid antidolifier. Clearing equipment should be cleaned, dry after drying. 10 Feed Factory Other Equipment Site Serving the Animal Husbandry Feed Factory is filled with dust, each device may be bonded to dust, raw dust, Oil, water and other substances, so the equipment that is not columnized herein is by no means to clean up, such as a crusher, the same needs to be cleaned regularly. In addition, the ground, wall, dust on the surface, the dust on the window, the powder affect the product quality, and if it is not careful, it will bring it to the feed factory, so the cleaning of the place is also crucial. The necessity and conventional cleaning methods of these equipment cleaning are suggested. However, in practice, many devices have not been cleaned up due to problems arranging, resulting in unstable product quality, complai, and is very difficult. Therefore, companies must pay attention to this issue, requiring production departme to cooperate, formulate practical equipment cleanup plans, track the cleaning process, do clean up and record, implement the equipment cleanup work to practice, produce qualified products with quality and stable quality. (Article Source: Feed Wide Heng Transfer from Oil Square) – Best Feed,

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