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In feed production, the aquatic particulate fish produced by the feed pellet machine is a water-saving, and the fish feed produced by the swivel machine is floating, and the cultured effect is more obvious, so their production process is different.
I, construct Description [ 123] 1. High pressure vapor from the boiler, by heat exchanger, but to form water, thermal energy passes through the heat exchanger to cause the drying chamber to produce a temperature of 400c to 1300c. A blower is connected to the dryer, and the cold wind is inhaled by the heat exchanger to form a hot air, and the particle product within 28% of the drying moisture is 8% by the heat exchanger.
2, due to wind pressure and transportation, the particles are suspended, and self-rotation, drying effect, better efficiency, and uniform drying. Drying systems, temperature and drying time, which are particularly suitable for floating feed and general particulate feed can be combined with drying items. Its structure is diagram.
II. Working principle and use
Compared with more water distributions from the feeder on the upper part of the dryer, the material is dried into the dryer, and the material fell to the upper screen and the advocacy of high temperature gas. The first wheel drying is performed, and it is sent to the lower screen by a scraper to achieve the final drying of the material, and then the material is droved from the lower feeder. When the high temperature gas passes through two-layer screen, its temperature is significantly reduced and contains a lot of moisture, so the fan must be discharged from the top to ensure the effect of drying.

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