Effect of extrusion on lipid

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Feeds use lipid raw materials mainly use the source of energy, improve the margin of the feed, provide the necessary fatty acids, as a carrier of lipolytic vitamins, and change the texture of the feed.The source of lipids is mainly animal fat, poultry fat, aquatic oil finger and moving, plant mixed fat, feed grade plant grease.Good feed reminders, these lipids can affect the oxidate, forming the sameisomer, forming a complex with a starch and protein, inhibiting the enzyme activity caused by the amyloid and protein.Typically, it is necessary to heat until 40-60 ¡ã C before adding fat, pay attention to the use of raw materials, and maintain the ratio ratio of starch and functional protein, preferably in the later stage of the process flow, and perform the maximum in the extruderLimited stirring (shear).Usually more than 17% of the feed in the feed requires two-screw extruder production. 5AU China Feed Industry Information Network – Based on Feed, Serving Animal Husbandry

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