Effect of Feed Crushing Particle Size on Feed Quality

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Crushing is an important part of the feed processing process and an effective way to improve livestock and poultry on feed digestion utilization. Its purpose and role: First, improve the value of the use of materials; the second is to improve the processing quality of feed products. The crushing process is an important part of improving the quality of feed during the feed processing, and is one of the necessary means of making feed to reasonably utilization. The size of the pulverized particle size should be determined according to the type of raw material, the type of feeding of animals, the growth stage and process requireme, and the excessive particle size is drawn, and the best production state cannot be achieved. According to the work experience of feed production, the author has summarized the impact of pulverized particle size on feed quality from the following aspects in the following aspects. , Impact Material Crushing Particle Size Service Animal Husband 1. Crusher: Machine Different, its crushing effect and role Different, the main models of the pulverizer of the feed are: 1 hammer pulverizer, characterized by simple structure, easy maintenance, good versatility and better adaptability, good safety, high production efficiency. 2 to the roller pulverizer, which is characterized by high productivity, low energy consumption, less dust, uniform particle size, less temperature, and less water loss. 3 claw pulverizer, fine finished product is fine, can be treated with a large amount of moisture and viscosity, and the pulverization process also has a certain mixing function, which is a small pulverizer in rural applications. Microscopy machine and super emblem pulverizer, mainly used in the premixing material pulverization and the pulverization of special aquatic feed, which is characterized by a very fine of crushing material. Service Livestock 2. Harmeters: It is the main lesible parts of the pulverizer, its shape, size, and work density, arrangement methods, etc., the production, power consumption and product quality of the crusher. influence. Service Animal Husband 3. Harm Piece End Line Speed: In a certain range, the larger the end line speed of the hammer, the higher the productivity of the pulverizer, the power consumption of the unit product is reduced, but the speed is over Fast, it will increase the airborne power, vibration and noise of the crusher, will increase, and the pulverization efficiency will decrease. Service Livestock 4. Siffender Sieve Size and Open Hole Rate: The larger the sieve screen, the larger the production of crushing materials, the more thickness of the material particles; the screen is the same, the opening rate Big, the larger the production of crushing materials, the more uniform material particles, but the opening rate is too large, and the intensity of the screen is reduced, and its service life is shortened. Serving Livestock 5. Sieve Person: The larger the sieve corner, the larger the sieving area, the higher the crushing efficiency. Service Animal Husbandle 6. Hammer Sieve Interval: The hammer sieve interval is the distance between the top of the hammer to the inner surface of the sieve. It is an important factor affecting pulverization efficiency. Excessive, too small, will increase power consumption, reduce crushing efficiency, so that the crushing material particles are not uniform. 7. The structure of the crushing room and the mounting of the toothboard can effectively destroy the material circulation layer, improve the effective strike of the hammer on the material, thereby improving the pulverization efficiency. 8. Drainage Method: The discharge device should be able to discharge and transport the smashing material in time. There are three types of mitors currently employed: self-heavy falling materials, pneumatic conveying and mechanical delivery and suction wind, the effect is optimized by mechanical delivery and suction wind, which is also the main discharge mode of current large crusher. i, Crushing Particle Size on Feed Utilization Some raw materials, especially the original grain raw materials, such as corn, wheat, rice, rice, Soy, etc., there are hard and dense seeds, fed directly, the digestive fluid is difficult to break the interior, the material is smashed, and the seed skin of the cereal is torn, and the internal nutrie are exposed to make the material have a larger surface area. It is convenient for the digestive fluid of livestock and poultry to better infiltrate and improve the digestibility of livestock and poultry on feed. According to data, the grain particles hng a diameter of 0.85 to 0.95 mm are feeding a pig with a diameter of 1.7 to 1.8 mm, and the digestibility increases by 3% to 5%. At the same time, the material has been pulverized, improved the right to livestock, and reduces the acquisition time caused by the chew during animal feeding, affecting animal physical interest and digestion, increase the energy consumption of feeding, thereby reducing feed utilization . Of course, the finer the material is fine, the better, the general material pulverization particle size is preferably 0.5 to 2.0 mm, which is different from the variety of livestock and poultry varieties, feeding stages and raw materials. Because the powder is too fine, the preparation of the livestock and poultry is deteriorated, so that the material is tacked in the middle cty of livestock and poultry without swallowing. At the same time, the excessive powder is easily caused by livestock and poultry. Moreover, because the powder is too fine, the feed processing is increased. Reduce the production, increase the wear of the pulverizer, sieve, and reduce their service life. an, Crushing Particle Size on Feed Mixed Uniformity the Defined Particle Size of Producing Livestock Materials Affects the Mixing Wave of Feed. According to test and test, the smaller the average particle diameter of the mixed material, the more uniform particles, the slower the mixing speed, and the mixing uniformity of the mixing can achieve, and after the delivery, the storage process It is not easy to generate a grading phenomenon. In contrast, when several particle diameter is mixed, the uniformity of the mixing can achieve is poor. Therefore, from the mixing process, the pulverized particle diameter of various raw materials required for feed is required to achieve a good mixing effect to ensure product quality. i, Crushing Particle Size on Granulation Service AbortionThe pulverization particle size of the shepherd material has a greater impact on the granulation process, the particle size of the particles, the particle size and particle size of the same material, the quality of the particles, the finer, the finer the grain powder, the starch particlesAfter steam modulation, it can be more fully obtained, and the water content is more uniform.At the same time, the fine material can reduce the wear of the mold, which can make more smooth and crackable particles, the particle structure is compact, and the powder is low, but the excessive pulverization increases the pulverization power consumption, reducing the production of pulverizer, so that the pulverizerThe material temperature increases, which is easy to arches in the warehouse.The author has been tested, trial, the maximum particle diameter of the grain material is not more than 1/2 of the ring type pore diameter, the proportion of materials in material is not more than 20%, which can be made of more desirable particles, and can effectively avoid the causeThe negative impact of extortion is too fine.

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