Effect of Feed Processing Process on Pig Energy Performance

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1 Feed pulverized granularity and uniformity
1.1 pulverized granularity According to reports
The compensation generated by the conversion rate. Growth pig diet is 509 ~ 1026 changes, there is no significant effect on the daily gain of pigs, but with the decrease in particle size, the feed conversion is improved, so that the production performance is the best particle size The range is from 509 to 645 . When the fertilizer pig diet, the corn pulverized particle size is from 400 to 1200 , the particle size is reduced by 100 , the feed conversion increases by 1.3%. Corn pulverization particle size from 1200 minus to 400 The content of dry matter and nitrogen is reduced by 21% and 31%, respectively. Made in simple diet in corn particle size from 1000 drop to 500 Suitable particle size of 0 to 14 days and 14 ~ 35D feed after weaning is 300 and 500 ; growth fatty pig and sow are 500 ~ 600 and 400 ~ 600 .
1.2 Crushed Uniform Roller
Crusher is uniformly uniformity of the hammer pulverizer. The conversion rate and growth rate of the wheat roller pulverizer are higher than the hammer pulverizer. When the maize is uniform, the production performance of fatty pigs is not affected, the digestible rate of diet, nitrogen and total digestion is increased, and the amount of dry matter is reduced in the dry matter of the manure; the corn is pulverized with roller crusher, and is more hammer The pulverizer can improve the nutrient digestibility rate in the diet, reducing the amount of dry matter from the dry matter in the dung and 12% of the discharge amount of nitrogen.
2 Diet Mixed Uniform
Pasta, When the uniformity variant is reduced from 106.5% to 12.3%, the increase of 32.5% and 19.2% respectively, and when the mixed uniformity of the fatty pig diet is reduced from 53.8% to 14.8%, production performance No significant improvement. Therefore, the impact of dietary mixing uniformity on the young animal and the food-free price diet is large. Therefore, the suitable variation coefficient of the mixed uniformity of piglet diet is 12%; the mixed uniformity of fat feed pigment is a minimum of 15%. 3 Granulation has many advantages due to pellets, thereforeThe application is wide in the production of yellow piglets. Differential soybean flour granules have reduced their trypsin inhibitory factor content. Favrating the fatty pig and sorghum powder, resulting in the feed conversion of the particulate material, the total apparent digestibility and the nitrogen digestion rate is significantly higher than the powder, and there is no significant difference in weight. It has been reported that the pigment of pigs in the 5-day-old feeding granules increased and the feed conversion rate, and the powder is increased by 25% and 36%, and the particle diameter (2 to 12 mm) does not affect the growth of pigs; in 0 ~ 29 days, the pig daily weight and feed conversion and feed conversion rate are highest during the age of 29 days; the growth rate of pigs in 29 days-old ~ fertilizer period is not affected by the feed morphology, but the feed conversion rate of the particulate material is superior. Powder. There is also a report, when feeding piglets is sieved, the feed conversion rate is more than 4.5% higher than the particles of 10% or 30% fine powder; fertilizer pigs are prepared, and the pellets are proportional to the fine powder. 0 increased to 60%, the feed conversion rate decreased, the daily gain and nitrogen digestibility and the thickness of the thickness were significantly different. the service livestock grain is advantageous, but the yellow alcohol, vitamin K, ascorbic acid, carotene, vitamin E, and thiamine are more sensitive to granulation. Studies have shown that the granulation temperature of 75 ¡ã C and 95 ¡ã C can make the activity of beta;-glucanase reduction by 40% and 70%, more than 110 ¡ã C, beta;-glucanase and cellulase activity are all lost. When the granulation temperature was 79 ¡ã C, the activation of phytase was reduced by 45.8%, and at 80 ¡ã C, 87.5%, and the activity loss was large.

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